We Have Failed Andrew

Yes, this is a bold statement. Facts are facts, and the fact is we have failed the legacy of Andrew Breitbart. However, it is not too late to correct our mistakes, and recover this country in the process.

First, what do I mean by fail? His last major public speech, at CPAC 2012, Andrew Breitbart stated our enemies are not those who are in the room or who believe with most of our ideas, but those outside attempting to protest against us. He said we needed to unite behind our party’s nominee, no matter who it was, and get on the same page in order to fight back against the slander, innuendo, and hate which would be coming our way.

So, what did we do? The Ron Paul folks ran off and declined to participate because Romney was not their man. Many of the tea party not associated with Paul’s cult also stayed home. Three million less voters for someone, I dare say, was more conservative than John McCain at least.

We started eating our own as well. I admit, I was part of this but I was doing so on principles, not because I was butt hurt about being left out of events and planning. I will challenge on principles, but when it gets into name calling, and personal attacks that have no relevance to actual professional actions and I am out. Everyone else should get out as well, yet the attacks continue over twitter and blogs. This was not what Andrew wanted to see, and the fact those who followed Andrew are involved, either as instigators or not, he would have flipped his lid.

We spend so much time attacking one another these days, Obama’s supporters are cackling with glee. We have lost our focus. We have duplicated history. Benito Mussolini was able to keep his opponents at each other’s throats instead of his fascist state’s for 21 years, from 1922 to 1943. Italy’s messed up political state is a direct result of this acrimony developed and cultivated by Mussolini loyalists.

It is time for us to wake up and stop the infighting Andrew warned us against, and focus back at the enemies of freedom. Andrew always focused on the media, and how the media was turning more and more to the Left. Right now, the media is nothing more than propagandists that would make Pravda back in the 1970s proud. The fact Pravda of the 2010s has warned us about this should have been a wake up call, but no. We continue to savage one another instead of the media.

By now, Andrew would have turned Breitbart.com into a true alternative to the media. He would have done what Glenn Beck has attempted to do with The Blaze and GBTV, at minimum, in creating an online 24/7 internet television operation. PJTV, GBTV, and others have gotten close to this, but I know Andrew would have succeeded as that is the kind of man he was. However, we are still living in the land of the website and blogosphere and not moving forward into video, streaming, and challenging other areas of the media beyond the four main channels, the three news channels, and all the television programming they all own. We don’t even have that down, as we don’t have alternative sitcoms, drama series, and the like even on streaming-only services. The Left, however, does and their presence is growing.  Again, a failure to take Andrew’s vision and move it forward, not just sit on it as successful and never grow or expand.

With the little money and resources I have, along with a few of my friends, we are trying to start up an alternative to just one, small, Leftist site out on the Internet. Something more than our small and poorly financed effort needs to be mounted. I know we’re going to make a difference, despite of the roadblocks and challenges ahead of us. But dozens of these small sites exist out there, in all areas of media such as streaming, video games, fiction writing, comic books, etc. Talk shows are not the only medium being used by the Left, and should not be the only weapon of the Right. Yet, here we are stuck in this mentality, whereas by now I’m sure Andrew would have seen this and moved into these other areas.

We can recover from this, but we need to focus on the real enemy – the Left-controlled media, and not be trying to kill one another. Stop with the name calling, the lies, the lawsuits and other things which are happening way too frequently these days. Let’s focus on taking down those trying to enslave us, then we can argue minutiae.


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