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I usually just lurk around the forums, posting here and there. More of late, I've been seeing so many people whining and complaining. I didn't really want to post about this but I guess I am. I know I'm not going to get very good reaction and feedback from this, but hell, who cares.

I know that when changes happen people get angry and scared. With every game I've played that has ever had a major update or game change, there is always negative opinions, and they are usually the one who post on forums or Reddit.

With this new Big Update I have seen many people reacting negatively. Yet in my opinion, this update is just the beginning. This is only part 1. The game is still amazing and fills the Marvel gaming void for me. So I can't teleport directly to the boss and kill him, so I have to play a little more defensive and evasive. I like that. And when we get enhanced artifacts and omega gear, things will change completely. Gaz released part 1 of an update so we can get acclimated to the new system being put into it little by little. I enjoy trying to mix and match gear again and find what works best for what heroes. This update has balanced and put almost every character on an even playing field now. I don't feel like I'm being sub-par when playing hulk or Hank Pym(wouldn't play antman with out the costume). My hulk can do cosmic terminals almost as fast as a doom. I play a lot silver surfer, movement build. With the update I can't travel places as fast or spam dash. That's not bad!i now have to have a interesting rotation that reduces cooldowns and makes me use more skills. Almost every character is a little different, but still that doesn't make the game bad.

Gaz has made every character viable for all content and I appreciate that. And with part 2 of the update coming soon thing are going to put everyone on an even playing field again. This Big Update is nothing but positive for the game. It pains me to see everyone complaining about this thing and that thing, mean while it just different. It's still a shit load of fun and I can't wait for more updates.

Now I'll probably get downvoted a bunch for being optimistic and positive. But atleast I wrote this and some people will see the update isn't a bad thing.

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