Upvoted: Stellaris Lead Developer blames sexism for poor reception of female voiceover via /r/KotakuInAction

The latest Stellaris blog post, #77, contained a video wherein multiple voiceovers for the game's advisor was displayed. You can scroll through that thread and read the general reaction; most people got the impression that the rather unstable-sounding Militarist voice did not match their impressions of the Militarist ethic at all.

Wiz, the aforementioned game lead, decided to blame it on sexism, stating "Let's just say that having some men on the internet being upset about an aggressive-sounding woman was not an unexpected development."

The user reaction so far has been rather negative, with many pointing out that the "female" part had nothing to do with their issues with it, and instead had to do with its seemingly psychotic nature. So far, Wiz has yet to apologize though, stating shortly after that "I'm still right, though.", and insisting that the criticism is in fact focused on the speaker's sex.

I think it should be mentioned that months ago, he had the default Human race's traits changed to include "Wasteful" as a political statement, presumably about the environment.

Edit: Wiz has decided to respond to the criticism by locking (note: this link got deleted, failed to get an archive) all threads where it is mentioned. He also refuses to apologize.

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