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So, this past Thursday was one of my favorite CR episodes ever. Two goofball bear brothers, one DGAF honey badger, one loveable hero Trinket, and a raccoon’s cousin all tear into a festival in Westrun. HOLY CRAP THAT’S INCREDIBLE!

Marisha really nailed it with her choice of games (I DM regularly and much prefer streamlined games like FATE to number crunchers or those with a host of special rules for every character). And her descriptions were seriously GREAT. Like, as good as I’ve seen on any ep of CR. They were engaging and detailed without being longwinded.

Did she break a bunch? Sure. Because this was a honey heist of a bunch of bears being silly goofs with funny voices. Totally appropriate and added to the tone, imo.

I know that Marisha’s creative as all get-out (director and all), so this one kinda made me long for an actual campaign from her brain. I’d love to see the kind of stories she comes up with.

The players obviously rocked too. Flippin hilarious game.

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