Upvoted: [News] James Damore appears as a surprise guest on The Ben Shapiro Show. Interview from 0:20-9:30. via /r/KotakuInAction

The video can be found here.

Although the Ben Shapiro episode, "Is It The Media’s Job To Scare People?" is ostensibly on current events surrounding North Korea, it looks like James Damore has made a surprise guest appearance in an interview that isn't even mentioned in the description. A welcome surprise at that.

While a good chunk of what Damore says isn't quite new, it's more consolidated, concise and more laden with information regarding the state of Google, Silicon Valley tech, etc. In addition, there's also an even more noticeable sense that Damore is really getting pissed in addition to being even more "redpilled," particularly in 7:23-7:47 where he calls out elements of the Left (including the media attacks on him) not just for attempting to guilt-trip him for his actions but also for putting ideology and narrative above actual facts.

Still, have at it, KiA!

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