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In my 27 years on this planet, I've had friends of many various ethnicities. I've had homosexual friends. I've had female friends and I currently have a girlfriend.

I've never said or done anything even remotely offensive towards any of these groups. I've always treated all humans as equals, no matter their religion, race or gender.

Yet, when movies like The Red Pill, which showcases some of the problems that men face in our society, feminists boycott it so I can't see it.

Netflix makes a series called "Dear White People", and MTV has made several similar videos as well, telling me what I should and shouldn't do.

Buzzfeed has made several statements and videos telling me what I should and shouldn't do, like manspreading.

I asked my girlfriend what she thinks about this and she says MTV and Buzzfeed are completely insane, that I have always treated her and everyone around me with respect and common courtesy.

Yet feminists and SJWs continue to run campaigns against my skin color and my gender.

When I was born, there was no segregation anymore since a long time already. I see people of colour everywhere, I see women in my office, even working higher positions than me. I see people of various ethnicities having more money than me or even the average white person. I see women, gays and trans people in public getting basically no special attention – being treated completely equal.

I've never even seen racism, sexism or homophobia in real life. Everyone in my circle of friends and family has the same attitude as me. They condemn people who are racist or sexist.

But now, I feel attacked by these third wave activists. They call me out for my skin color, lay out opressive rules for my gender, it's discrimination. I read about white people not being allowed in "multicultural" groups and events. I see people talking about "inclusivity", but not for men.

I'm sure there are enough sane people (or enough people who don't even notice this is going on) to avoid another race and/or gender segregation like we had 50 years ago, but I notice it. And so do at least 80.000 other people on this sub.

Aren't people supposed to learn from their mistakes and fight segregation, racism and sexism? So why is it being turned around now for revenge? Are people really that dumb? This is not about equality anymore. It makes me sick.

EDIT: And the best thing Liberals can come up with is calling me a shithead

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