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I’m Bull, an old and cranky Ork Decker. AMA, I guess?

Ahhh Ghost, I can't believe I'm getting roped into this. I'm gonna kick your hoop for this, Slamm-0!

I'm Bull. Ork Decker, Fixer, a Jackpoint moderator, and most importantly, Shadowrunner. Been around the block a time or twenty. I've been running since 2050, survived Bug City, dealt with Dragons, seen Megacorps fall and Megacorps rise, been to the Metaplanes, and watched too many friends die in horrific ways.

I finally settled down and retired a number of years ago with my family, but got dragged back into the biz by a crazed, racist, serial killer who murdered my daughter. Now I mostly work as a Fixer, though some idiot (Slamm-0!. Again. I will end you one of these days, boy.) keeps trying to put me on the ballot for Mayor of the Ork Underground. Between that and moderating Jackpoint, I don't actually get out too often.

Which is good. I'm getting way too old for this drek.

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