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[Discussion] “Body Positive” SJWs are strangling discussion about the USA’s obesity epidemic

So I've been paying attention to how the "Body Positive" aka "Fat Acceptance" movement has been hand waving the obesity epidemic in the United States, and I wanted to speak my mind on the subject and ask if everyone else if they wanted to give input on this issue.

So as I understand their tactics, they believe that any man who does not find fat women attractive is a horrible misogynist, and they conveniently sidestep any argument that being overweight isn't healthy. By bundling "fat acceptance" with the usual SJW accusations of sexism, they've created an impenetrable wall around their argument that can't be broken through by anyone who doesn't see through their hypocrisy or hand-waving. In the eyes of SJWs and the media outlets that support them, arguing that obesity is unhealthy is immediately associated with sexism. Even if you never mention your preferences about attractiveness, they will always accuse you of sexism and 'fat phobia" because you are treading on the idea that maybe their lifestyle is harmful.

Now I have a personal stake in this discussion because I was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago, and everyone in my family over 40 is overweight or obese. Lousy genetics aside, I'm in really damn good shape considering my condition. I've never weighed more than 160 pounds at any point in my life. Diabetes was a rude wake up call and it spurred me to work out and manage my diet, not say "Fuck it". Now with these people, it seems like they want to just bury their heads in the sand if you try and bring up things like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or anything else of the sort. Some of them will try to use their genetics as an excuse. But in reality they want freedom from consequence for their lifestyle. I love ice cream and fried food as much as the next guy, but that doesn't give me free reign to ignore my own health in favor of cheap pleasure.

Now in theory I could give the fat acceptance movement a shred of credibility if they were genuinely trying to help fat people feel better about themselves and help them improve their circumstances. Instead, it's been co-opted by feminism and made exclusive to women with victim complexes. You will never catch a body positive activist defending overweight men, and none of them will ever advocate for fat people to take control of their lives. it's all about complacency and ignoring health entirely.

Even by extension they've strangled discussion about attractiveness in our society because they demand that all men view all women as attractive, regardless of their preferences. Everyone has different aesthetic tastes, but the fat acceptance SJWs don't see it this way. So they parrot the argument of social conditioning and shame anyone who doesn't find fat women attractive in an attempt to censor discourse about sexuality and attraction. To SJWs and their intersectional philosophy, an argument against obesity is an attack on women. That's just how they operate.

In conclusion, SJWs have created an argument that bundles up too many different issues into one, hand-waving the obesity epidemic in the USA so they can virtue signal about beauty standards. I've seen firsthand what destructive lifestyles and obesity can do to people's health, and to ignore the obesity epidemic like we are is going to do more damage than we realize if it continues.

Now that I've said my piece, I want to hear from you all what you think, and if you have any personal experience to contribute to the discussion.

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