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Cox is throttling customers who stream on Twitch.

Hello, I have been a streamer on Twitch for nearly 3 years, and I have been a customer of Cox Internet service for nearly 2. I have never ran into problems with them in the past, and having them be the only ISP in my area, I have no choice but to have them as my provider.

About a week ago there was an outage late at night in my area, I thought it was just a general maintenance or a problem that I couldn't fix through modem cycles so I just went to bed, the next morning I found that my upload is capped at around 3-4 mbps when I pay for 20-30.

After a modem replacement, numerous tech visits that had no clue what the problem was, I started to do some research to see if anybody had the same issues I had. Turns out, a lot of people are having trouble with their upload speeds, they're all Cox customers as well.

As someone whose working on a Computer Science degree I know some people in the tech area and what I heard is that Cox is working on not only going fully digital by June 2016, but they are spreading Gigablast (there Gigabit fiber service) as well. This requires a lot of maintenance and may explain why Upload Speeds for many streamers have been absolute trash. They see whose using the most data (twitch streamers) and throttle their data. There also seems to be a IPv6 glitch that causes modems to block the IPv6 packets as DoS attacks and that may be making the network slow as well. Either way, both of these issues need to be fixed quickly as possible. The problem, though, is that they are not working as quickly as they could be.

MY SPEEDS (Paying for 300 down/30 up)

Speedtest.net (Showing false speeds due to Cox having it cached in their system.): http://ift.tt/1WYCGOV

Speedof.me (Actual speeds): http://ift.tt/25xaUix

Testmy.net: http://ift.tt/1WYCEH0

Twitch Bandwidth Test: http://ift.tt/25xaUiz

Streamers who are Cox Customers with the same exact problem (If you are on here and wish to be removed feel free to PM me.)

https://twitter.com/CryWasTaken/status/714967143117414400 https://twitter.com/_daaes/status/713772337099747330















These are only the ones I could find, I also have noticed a lot of threads coming up in this subreddit as well with the complaints of low upload speeds.


Publicity can go a longgggg way in the modern age. Spreading awareness EVEN IF you are not a Cox customer, a tweet to @CoxComm (https://twitter.com/CoxComm) or @CoxHelp (https://twitter.com/CoxHelp) can go a long way, explaining how you think throttling upload speeds preventing people from doing their jobs is a horrible thing to do as a telcom company. DO NOT CALL and complain, you will wait on hold, and a rep will tell you he/she has no idea what the problem is (and they don't actually know what the problem is so they're not lying to you technically). If Cox sees a massive level of complaints from people all over the country it can do one of two things, make them stop throttling upload speeds, or two, force them to finish the maintenance quicker. If you are a customer and notice a speed difference, make sure you tweet and let the associates know. They will attempt to send a tech to your house, and if he finds something great, but most of the time they don't know much either. The ones that visited me did not know the problem and sent work orders which didn't help either, so don't let them waste your time/money if you're tech savvy and know your equipment is up to date. AND REMEMBER, BE POLITE, MOST REPS DON'T KNOW WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON.

If you know a friend that has Cox, have them run a speed test at Speedof.me or Testmy.net and see if they're getting close to what they're paying for, DO NOT use speedtest.net as it shows artifical speeds.

Make sure you file an FCC complaint as well if this has been going on for an extended period of time: http://ift.tt/1Izgx3v

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