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Born on Akiton, the Ysoki known as Pinky was a nobody with a hobby for building ridiculous contraptions. Before now, his greatest creation was the Negativity Allocation Reduction Fail-safe device. The concept was simple: a bionic implant that altered verbal interactions in a way that would increase the user's friendliness, simultaneously decreasing hostilities between parties. The only way to test the device was to implant it on vocal chords. He managed to implant it in himself with the help of a childhood friend, Billie, who had found herself a place in biochemistry.

The surgery was a success, however the device seemed to function in an unfortunately inappropriate manner. In order for it to achieve its design intentions, it caused unnecessary exclamations to interject Pinky whenever he would speak. Randomly, during conversations, Pinky would let absurd exclamations out, often causing laughter among his peers.

Virtually nobody would take him seriously, Pinky's exclamations would interfere with even the most educated presentations. Eventually, Pinky would learn to accept his new traits for fear that it would be considered a failure in the scientific community had he scrapped the project. Unfortunately, his newfound ridiculousness would inevitably drive away many of his acquaintances, leading him to years of loneliness.

This immense loneliness lead him to the field of Artificial Intelligence. After years of applying his technical knowledge to bits and pieces of recorded research, a miracle occurred. Pinky had developed his own A.I. The Battle-Ready Artificial Intelligence Nexus lead Pinky to a new life of exploration, due to its complex survival algorithms that Pinky otherwise wouldn't have tapped into in his own mind.

Now, Pinky and the B.R.A.I.N scoot around the universe doing the same thing they do every night… try to discover new worlds!


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