Upvoted: 2018 Fantasy Hockey Draft Tracker – Back and better than ever for its 3rd season (Includes a new Schedule “Optimizer” tool!) via /r/fantasyhockey

Hey everyone,

Back for its third year and just in time for the 2017-18 Fantasy Hockey Season – the newest iteration of my annual draft tracker!

While it's not as advanced as some of the other tools that get posted, it runs completely out of Google Sheets so it's great for those without access to Excel.


The sheet uses last years' (2016-2017 Season) statistics, and I've provided a column and some placeholder values to allow users to enter a custom ranking formula (Expected Value, or 'EV'), or point values (for those in points leagues). There's also a "Depth Chart" sheet that shows you how quickly said value is depleted at each position for the next 16 picks, so you'll be able to tell if you should be drafting that LW now, or if you can hold off for a LWer with similar value 4 or 5 rounds down the road.

NEW: Schedule "Optimizer"

  • Located on the "Draft Stats/Analysis" sheet, this feature shows how many nights during the season 'X' number of players on your roster starting are at each position.
  • Great for determining how much value you're getting out of drafting a forth C from a particular team.
  • Example: you have 4 pure Cs on your team: Malkin, McDavid, Stamkos, and Scheifele. The table will inform you that all four will play on the same night 24 times! That's a lot of Scheifeless nights if you only have 3 C slots.
  • Play around to see for yourself how it works!

Link to 2018 Fantasy Hockey Draft Tracker v.3.0

Some Notes:

  • The file is formatted for use on Google Sheets, and right now it's set to "view only" for the publicly shared link. If you'd like your own copy for use in your draft, I highly recommend logging into your google account, going to "File", and clicking "Make a Copy". You will be able to see comments/tips this way.
  • All draft picks are entered on the same sheet (separate from the stat tracking sheet). Simply start typing their name in corresponding team/round cell and suggestions will pop-up. Select the name, and the stat sheet will update accordingly.
  • I've entered some picks for Team A to demonstrate how the sheet works. Go to the 'Draft Board' to delete these picks.

Hope you find it useful/enjoyable to use and it helps you out in some way. Always appreciate feedback / comments. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

Best of luck in 2017-18 and remember to keep your stick on the ice _/

Cheers, /u/Static_Storm

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