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What Are We Missing?

I know of four pieces of the puzzle conservatives have been working upon in order to take back this country from the socialists.

  1. Internal infrastructures and planning – #rebuild
  2. Communication between conservatives internally and externally – #tcot
  3. News and information gathering on a local and state level – #dontgo via News Platoon and #diggcons
  4. Grassroots organization and infrastructure assistance – #dontgo

(Please note I am not including what the Republican party itself as built with Republican For A Reason, as it is not clearly defined in my eyes as to its purpose beyond making us on the local level ‘feel good’ about ourselves)

So, what else are we missing in order to get moving forward towards taking back the country? I’d like to actually get some comments on this at some point as to your opinions as to what is missing, but here are a couple of things I am seeing.

First, we need a site dedicated to policy debates amongst ourselves in order to define what conservatism really means. Right now, we’re working on the ‘I know it when I see it’ philosophy, but that does not cut it when you are attempting to recruit people into at least voting for you, let alone get them into the party. This site should be were we go tooth and nail at each other behind closed doors instead of taking it out on each other in the open on mediums such as Twitter. I know a few of you may be irritated by the grumpiness of @CharlieProfit over #tcot, but I believe this is what he is trying to get at in the end. He wants a place where we can do things away from being disrupted by those who do not have our best interests in heart. I have to agree this site is needed, so the policy debates can be pushed away from #rebuild and #tcot where they are currently tainting those efforts.

Second, and this is solely my idea but inspired by a comment over Twitter by Michael Leahy, is I feel we need a ‘Shadow government’ site dedicated to monitoring the Obama administration. This isn’t a news site like #dontgo is doing on a state and local level, but a site dedicated to the policy decisions coming out of Obama’s cabinet posts, and criticism thereof. This site would be organized in ‘Shadow’ fashion, which would mean there would be dedicated pages to each Cabinet/department of the Federal Government, White House, and Congress. This could be a number of sites easily – White House/Cabinet, Senate, House, and Supreme Court.  A site, or sites, like this similar to how Newsbusters monitors the news media would help focus our attention better on Obama’s policy decisions.

Third, we need a way to better engage not only non-traditional avenues of communication, but traditional ones as well. As much as we may be enamored by the Internet, we cannot forget those who are not Internet savvy in our zeal to reform. Most Americans get their news now from the television than from the newspapers, and though the Internet is growing, it still is not to television’s level. This is, unfortunately,  the most expensive of all the propositions listed, as it means commercials. It means radio ads, and it means newspaper ads. But we have got to let people know our organizations exist once we are up and going, otherwise all we will be doing is preaching to the choir which will garner us no new votes.

What other things can you think of to help? Please, nothing like ‘Recruit Ron Paul followers’ – that, to me, is a policy decision and falls under the site mentioned first above. Other things I was thinking of include engaging major media figures like what #tcot has with Hugh Hewitt and Michelle Malkin, secured meetups (Meetup.com is riddled with MoveOn-types there to disrupt our organizations I have found), monitoring like I proposed for the Obama administration for other aspects such as the UN, etc.


Congress vs Truth via Social Networking

I have been involved over the past week in the controversy and discussion concerning social networks and their restrictions by Congress against their members using them.

First, I have to say this is the first issue in a long time that has really gotten me motivated into getting the word out to friends and others I know. I’m glad to have discussed things with Representative John Culberson of Texas over Twitter. Twitter is a great service. (I’m @Ltfngr there)

Second, I find it sad that many on the left do not understand how restrictions of any sort on free speech will hurt them just as much as it hurts us on the right, no matter our profession. Congress should be the place, if anywhere, where free expression of ideas should be allowed. Now, I have no problem with putting a couple of things in place – no Twittering/Qiking on the floor, for example – but honestly, members of Congress were elected to lead, not cower like sheep when the topic of Internet accessibility is brought up.

Third, this entire controversy just shows how out of touch both sides’ leadership has been when it comes to the Internet and social networks. Moveon.org, who I rail about usually, was a pioneer in using social networks to get their message out. It is time for the right to get their head out of the sand and do the same, and do it better.

Fourth, and last, though the truth can get obscured and denied on the Internet, when the truth finally spreads, it triumphs. Failure in using the Internet to spread the truth has led to idiots out there believing all sorts of conspiracy theories, social marxism, and blinds people to the intentions of people. Traditional media cowers and is afraid of the truth getting out on the Internet, and those who got the jump with their lies are beginning to be exposed (again, Moveon, Code Pink, Acorn, and other marxists nee ‘progressives’). That’s why some are jumping to try and block open discussions by Congress over social networks. They are afraid of the truth getting out there. Congressional leaders are afraid of the truth of their incompetence getting out to the masses.

And before you bash me, please understand there are some, like Dan Young of Alaska, who are labelled as Republican that I have similar problems with. The idea behind compassionate conservatism have been co-oped by those in favor of big government that claim to be from the right. The more light that opens up, the more these sorts will be exposed for the frauds they truely are, regardless of party.

Democrats Afraid

So, the House Democrats are so afraid of the truth getting out to the people and constituents, they want to restrict members access to the Internet social networking sites, such as Twitter, Blogger, and YouTube.

Please note: All of these sites are FREE, though they may have advertisements. Facebook, Myspace, etc. do not violate any sort of ‘franking’ rules what so ever. The restrictions placed on ‘franking’ are primarily so members do not spend taxpayer funds on campaign messages that are strictly politicking, versus real information.

Surprise, all members have campaign websites that DO just that. At least, all members that have at least a bit of intelligence.

Here we have the Democrats, who so many of the liberal ‘techies’ out there support, attempting to stifle free speech protected by the First Amendment over the Internet.

This is a violation not only of that, but of Net Neutrality, advocated by…you guessed it, as many liberals as conservatives out there!

Think about it – Democrats: The Party of Censorship. A few videos, a few ads, and I think a lot of the young people support currently backing Obama suddenly begin having second thoughts. This is an issue that could be the key to driving a large wedge between the Congress and presidential vote, let alone between the presidential candidates.

I hope the weak willed in the Republican party finally begin the push back against the ‘inevitable’ Democratic victory in the House by just pounding this issue to death, endorsing Net Neutrality for all – meaning all forms of media.

Let’s take back this issue, shall we?