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Random Thoughts

Just some random thoughts for today:

1) Watch how the media comes out to attack Barry Bonds for the grand jury charge of perjury…then compare it to the media’s response when the perjurer was named Bill Clinton.

2) Look, I am as mad as anyone for the poor performance of the Nebraska Cornhusker defense, but expressing those feelings with death threats makes us look like Miami Hurricane fans. I hope whomever called Coach Cosgrove with those threats is locked up and the key thrown away.

3) If Hilary is the "smartest woman in the world", how come she is doing blatantly stupid things in this campaign? She’s doing a wonderful job of attempting to flub her once almost-guaranteed nomination.

4) I may have to eat crow on my Huckabee comment. It looks like Thompson doesn’t know how to shift out of first gear so their places might get reversed. It also doesn’t hurt Huckabee to be endorsed by internet icon Chuck Norris.

5) More MMOs need to go to Hellgate: London or Guild Wars schemes. ie, play for free but if you want better goodies, fork the dough per month. On that note, NCSoft really needs to come up with something similar to SOE’s Station Pass system.

6) Two thirds of my costume for Weekend in Rokugan has arrived. The last piece, though, concerns me as it is coming from China. Who knows what toxic chemicals are involved in its manufacture?

Fire Bill Callahan and Company, Please!

Time for a little sports…

I know he wants to be nice and all, but Tom Osborne has got to give the entire Nebraska coaching staff the heave-ho.

Getting beat by 76 is bad enough, but Kansas? You’ve just got to be kidding.

As I wrote in an email to the local sports talk station, Xerces personally killed the general who caused the Battle of Thermopole. The Romans fired generals continuously until they found Scipio to fight Hannibal of Carthage. Lincoln fired generals constantly until he found Ulysses Grant.

Who else kept getting sacked in history until the replacement produced results? Just about every major conflict in the world had someone either fired or executed after battles that were ‘blow outs’.

As another said on a message board, when it was said Nebraska wouldn’t settle for mediocrity, the fans and supporters weren’t thinking that meant we’d zoom right past mediocrity for total incompetence.

Fire Callahan and company, and fire them now. Stop digging a deeper hole to get out of come the end of the season. Stop the bleeding now.

Ron Artest Heads Into The Stands

Last Friday, driving home from a very late night at work, I heard about the fight between the fans and the Pacers. Yesterday, the commissioner of the NBA, David Stern, issued his suspensions.

Now, I realize suspensions in this case are needed, to prevent players from pulling this stunt again. However, I feel the sentence on Ron Artest, though he is a certifiable looney, is too much. Half the season would have been fine, considering it was the fans that provoked him into action.

But what sanctions are there going to be against the fans? I’ll tell you: none. That’s right, the NBA will do, in all honesty, nothing. And this will cause the fans to get even more belligerent. This was not the only incident involving ‘fans’ in the past week or so: an Oklahoma Sooners ‘RedNeck’ was bumped into by a Nebraska Cornhusker player during warmups, and is now suing the player for assault. Also, during that game, we had the traditional orange throwing by the Sooner fans. Last time that occurred, an official was beaned and was in the hospital for quite a while with a concussion.

What happened to the fans? Nothing.

Here is what I would do: For the NBA – take 5 games, one for each division opponent to the Pistons (whose fans caused the fight), and turn those 5 games from home games to away games for the Pistons…and do not allow any refunds or discounts to the season ticket holders.

For Oklahoma – Change one conference home game next year to an away game.

In both cases, the fans will actually be punished, and will be put on notice that if you act up, you could well cost your chance to see further games. Both the Pistons and the Sooners would lose revenue from those games, which acts as a defacto fine to those organizations for not keeping control

And for Ron Artest? If I were him, and the suspension is upheld, I would sue the NBA for providing an unsafe working environment. That’s exactly what happened, and the NBA is at fault for not having sufficient security available to handle the situation.