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@Jean_Stothert for Mayor

In February 2009, I, along with thirty other individuals, helped form the Nationwide Tax Day Chicago Tea Party event, which later evolved into what is now termed the ‘Tea Party’ by the news media.

The day after the phone calls starting this political movement, I went into the Douglas County Republican Party committee meeting and announced the event that Friday. During that same meeting, a new candidate for the Omaha City Council was announced: Jean Stothert. I had been sitting next to Jean while at the meeting, and she struck me as someone rising in the political world.

I knew of Jean as I went to school in the Millard Public School district, where Jean was a board member. She was always an outstanding member of the board. I felt her integrity would be vital to the City Council. She had ably managed the Millard schools, making them top in the state and one of the top in the country. She, however, was not in my district so I could not vote for her. I was preoccupied with Tea Party at the time, which I eventually handed over to the 9:12 Nebraska movement to run due to my work constraints.

I was proven correct. Jean has been the voice of reason on the City Council in many situations, proving to me she is a capable leader. In the meantime, Jim Suttle was elected mayor that same election over Hal Daub. Mr. Suttle has proved anything but capable, with frequent missteps, mistakes, and his embracing of Agenda 21 through grant money. The SUV purchase everyone mocked, but it has been other changes such as the restaurant tax which hurt so many businesses and caused many restaurants in this town to close. Attempts to tax satellite dishes, out of town cars, toilet paper by the sheet, and other stupid taxes permeated Jim Suttle’s first term.

I worked for 13 years in the city and county IT department. I saw what has gone on behind the scenes of the city government. The disorganization, the under the table tactics, the fact software is being used for payroll older than my tenure in the IT department due to Jim Suttle’s inability to get the police and fire department to move to newer, supported software, is not told by the media. How many bonds have been approved by the mayor which did not go through the City Council, or to the general public for a vote, due to this under the table deal making?

Jean Stothert will repair the integrity of the mayor’s office. I wholeheartedly endorse Jean Stothert for the next mayor of our great city.

Budgets, Omaha, and Tea Parties

When the deal on the budget first came out, it was $78 billion. It was revised quickly to $38 billion. Now, thanks to Congressional Budget Office analysis, the number is $352 million. Shutting the government down for a week would have saved more than the $38 billion in the first place. Boehner has just gone on the same list as was occupied by Michael Steele, the ‘get rid of him’ list.

What’s sad is as much as I personally like Lee Terry (R-NE), he will probably vote for this compromise unless Steve King (R-IA), his neighbor, convinces him otherwise. Lee tends to follow Boehner’s lead.

In Lee’s defense, though, I will say he works well behind the scenes. He is not a person who is going to jump in front of a camera at any opportunity, unlike former Senator Chuck Hagel. That makes him more vulnerable to a challenge, because he is not visible all the time, but it makes him effective. Effective is what I want, so if Lee gets another primary challenger, it needs to be someone who can be effective as well. Matt Sakalosky was a good man, but he would not have been as effective. 

The shift in the voting district for the House will make things more interesting. Sure, Lee is going to lose Offutt Air Force Base, but he gains western Sarpy County and Gretna, where a lot of disgruntled Omahans have settled over the past few years. So, while things will be closer this election, the potential over future elections is the Republican base will grow back. 

However, in the meantime, because of a Republican backstabber, we still have a split electoral vote in Nebraska. This is going to embolden the Obama camp in an attempt to grab Omaha’s electoral vote once again in 2012.

I hate to make the appeal this early, but we are going to need help in Omaha to fight off the socialists. I have little to no confidence in our party’s ability to fight this fight, especially since the fight across the country is more telling than just one electoral vote. We also have Judas Ben Nelson to get out of office. Two reasons why we are going to need help in this city.

I am afraid, though, the active but small Ron Paul contingent will walk out of the general election in a huff once again, draining energy from the lackluster attempts we already have. Our tea party is heavily weighted towards the older crowd. They are dedicated, and are great for political campaigns with phone banks and mailings, but they cannot sustain a campaign designed around being in your face like the younger socialist crowd. We are in desperate need of getting the younger generation motivated onto conservative values and into this fight to beat back Obama’s sheep.

When you are at your Tea Parties over the weekend, I am sure our area is not unique. I want you to all look around, look at the people next to you. Are they your neighbors? If they are not your neighbors, where are your neighbors? Why aren’t they there with you? You have to start with your neighbors, your relatives, your co-workers. You need to get them involved and motivated. Then move on to their neighbors and co-workers, and so on. Don’t let them get their information about what the Tea Party is about from the mainstream media. The media is against us. Not because they are liberal, but because they have been taught what the ideal ordered society is, and the Tea Party disrupts that vision. Do not forget local elections. Local elections matter. It is how socialist propaganda got introduced into our schools, through school boards making deals with socialist teacher unions. Take back our schools, our local government, and our states. The Federal elections are more visible, but all elections make a difference. Many voters skip things like public power boards, but you cannot do that. We have to convince voters all races are important, and to become informed beyond the drivel being fed to them via the news.

For the sake of this great nation, we must take back the cities like Omaha, the states, and our country from the socialists.

More Omaha Corruption

Once again, Democrat politicians in the state have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. It is none other than our former mayor and current city councilman, Mike Boyle. This time, it is misappropriation of funds from the State Patrol pension fund. Seems Mr Boyle is legal council for one of the entities involved in the scandal. Our state auditor, Mike Foley, needs to pursue this. Maybe, just maybe, voters will start to understand the depths of corruption that now infest our public safety unions.

Please read the Objective Conservative’s piece on this latest revelation: http://objectiveconservative.blogspot.com/2011/03/democrat-lawyers-and-state-troopers.html

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