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Omaha World Herald Does Not ID SEIU Head

The Omaha World Herald failed to identify Mrs. Jane Kleeb in their article about the Lincoln protest against the tanning tax implemented today as part of the dreadful Obamacare regulations.

Remember, this was the added revenue from Obamacare instead of taxing plastic surgery or botox shots, so Queen Nancy would not have to pay.

Jane Kleeb, for those who do not know, is the head of the SEIU in Nebraska.

(Editor Note: I have been informed that she was an official with SEIU, not the head. Makes little difference – she was still not identified as to her affiliations.)

She is also fighting behind the scenes to be named the head of the Nebraska Democratic Party after the election. She is not well regarded in her own party, as she is very abrasive. Her husband is the notorious Scott Kleeb, of he who cannot win a statewide election.

Here is the excerpt from the Omaha World Herald with the lines before and after, in order to frame the paragraph in context:

Heineman and former congressman and Omaha Mayor Hal Daub also said the new tax, and the other new taxes in the health-care law, would hurt small businesses and prompt workers to lose jobs.

A supporter of the health care reforms at the rally, Jane Kleeb, criticized Heineman, saying it was "reckless" to speak in support of an industry that some have linked to skin cancer and disputed that small businesses would be hurt by the health care reforms. She said they will receive a 35-percent tax break to help them provide health insurance to employees.

Kleeb also said voters should ask Heineman if he will serve his four-year term if re-elected in November.

A Heineman spokesman said his appearance at the tan tax rally was not an indication that he planned to challenge Nelson. In the past, Heineman has declined to sign a pledge that he would serve all four years if re-elected and has said he is not actively pursuing a Senate bid. But he also has said that you can "never say never" in politics.

Don’t Be Fooled

Barack Obama is attempting to rekindle the health care reform he is proposing by now inviting Republicans to a televised meeting.

Don’t be fooled.

This is all just political wrangling, in an attempt to embarrass the Republicans to back Barack’s plan through peer pressure. The idea is if the media can raise the ire of folks against Republicans blocking the health care bill, they will be forced to sign it and give Barack most, if not all, of what he wants.

Unfortunately, some poor sap Republican or two will fall for this trick. Most likely, it will be led by John McCain. It is poor decisions like McCain’s that got us into this mess in the first place. McCain supported all the proposed bailouts by Obama, and probably will back ‘Stimulus 2′ or whatever stupid acronym Pelosi slaps on the thing. 

Look, there can be no health care reform until the cost of real health care is addressed. Why limit/address insurance if we solve the problem of the costs of the procedures and medicines in the first place?

That means Tort Reform, which the trial lawyers backing the Democrats do not want to address. It is easier to treat the effect, in this case the high cost of health insurance, than the cause, which is the frivolous and overwhelming lawsuits being filed each and every day against the health care provider. Obama does not want to address that, as people like his good buddy John Edwards got rich with pulling stunts like ‘channeling the victim’ and other courtroom theatrics. 

So, don’t be fooled. All Obama wants to do is control more of the economy under the thumb of the government, where he believes he and his cronies would make better decisions than the American people.

We already made a poor decision electing this man, we don’t need to keep proving his point.


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