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Can We Now Get On With Real Issues?

Barack Obama Birth CertificateThis morning, Barack Obama finally showed America his long form birth certificate.

Of course, the conspiracy theorists are still going to harp on about it, but that will point those folks out for what they are and allow us to ignore them. Hopefully, this will put this issue to rest finally. It has been distracting us from the real issues, like the fact Barack Obama is working for George Soros to destroy the United States as a country as we are an impediment to Soros’s vision of a world government.

Obama is doing his best to destroy the US Dollar as a currency in the world. This would allow Soros to create a new currency to replace the dollar, and thus weaken the United States’ power. Yes, this sounds conspiracy-theory-ish. However, when quotes abound from Soros saying this is his goal, it is a lot harder to dismiss. Soros backing all sorts of Leftist organizations to spread misinformation is straight from the Soviet playbook.

It is also Mussolini’s playbook. If you look back at the archive of this blog, back to November 2008 right after the election, I predicted Obama was the second coming of Mussolini. I have been proven correct every step of the way. Use of unions, dividing of opposition, use of thugs for intimidation, multiple media outlets controlled behind the scenes to make lies into truths, kissing up to certain corporations while vilifying others are all from the 1922 playbook that kept Mussolini in power until 1943 when the Italian people had enough, and the Allies running through Sicily and southern Italy sped up the process.

We don’t have the Allies this time to force the issue to rid us of Neo-Mussolini Obama. We have to grow the backbone ourselves, not rely on others to do it. 

But we have got to get organized, everyone. When the challenger to Obama is decided, we have to unite to take him down. Otherwise, we end up being divided and allow Obama to stay in power. Soros’s puppet remaining in power is the worst thing that could ever happen.

Stop the Threats Against Obama

Look, folks, I know my tirades against Obama and the Democrats can be rather venomous. However, spewing death threats, sending out malicious viruses and other such acts is stupid.

I keep saying Obama is the new Mussolini. Remember, Mussolini’s economic plan worked up to the point where Italy got stupid and decided to carve out an empire from Ethiopia. Now, all indications that will happen exactly the same, though a tad bit more north (Darfur, Sudan is the northern border of Ethiopia). All indications are Obama’s allies are going to try to smash opposition through oppression, but maybe Obama does have a clue. Perhaps he realizes he won, against those big meanie talk radio hosts, so there is no reason for a Fairness Doctrine as the Democrats don’t have to run scared of the radio.

Okay, and maybe pigs will fly out of my rear tomorrow, too.

Still, I’m willing to wait on my complaints until AFTER Obama gets into office. Well, against him. Thankfully, the Republicans, as wishy washy as the Senate bunch is, has the votes to filibuster some of the worst things that may come down the pike.

In the meantime, I’m really looking into going to CPAC. Conservatives need to ditch the refuse that drug us into this mess and take back the Republican party from the spineless.