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We Are Dealing With Morons

The government floated a few ideas today on how to ‘save’ journalism. Here’s a couple of the doozies:

 1) Allow story ‘facts’ to be copyrighted.

2) Put a 5% tax on all consumer electronics

3) Put another tax on cell phone usage that transmits data vs voice

Okay, you idiots. The number one way to save journalism is to have journalists. Yes, I’m looking at all the major news services. No true journalists exist any longer at any of these services. They have all violated the primary responsibility of journalism, and all of the teachings that I remember from my journalism classes in high school. That’s how you bring people back to paying attention – reporting the facts in an unbiased fashion when you are not on the editorial page. Period.

Blogs, like this one, and shows such as Olberdorks and O’Reilly’s need to be labeled as opinion programs up front. Remember the infamous lines of "Opinions expressed by the following program are not those of this station or of its advertisers." that used to appear in front of all editorial programs? Maybe that needs to be done again. Programs and writing that are supposed to be factual may should remain that way without bias, and with citing political parties in all stories concerning politicians.

Start with that before you start throwing money into the trash heap that consists of the "mainstream", aka old stream, media. Until then, I’ll stick with the Free Republics, Daily Callers, and Breitbarts of the world to get the real facts.

Many Sycophants for Narcissist Barack Channel

There is, in my mind, a difference between being biased in one direction, or another, with reporting and being solely for propaganda.

MSNBC has crossed that line.

MSNBC decided long ago to embrace the liberal talk show hosts during Prime Time, thinking they would get good ratings against the conservative hosts Fox News was promoting. Now, why they went down this path in the first place is amazing. Back when MSNBC first started, and Microsoft still owned part of the channel, there was more of an emphasis on high tech, and more innovative ways to broadcast the news to a younger generation. I enjoyed MSNBC back then, when Brian Williams and Soledad O’Brien were the main stars of the channel. Yes, there was the typical bias of the media involved, but it was never ‘in your face’, just the usual standard, and subtle, bias.

Back then, though, Fox was not a competitor. The competition was the stiff tradition of CNN. Four things changed that. First, of course, was Fox Network who hired away Brit Hume from ABC to be their main anchor. Hume was popular on ABC as their main reporter, and turning him into an anchor, Fox hit gold. The numbers started flowing to Fox directly from MSNBC, hurting their bottom line.

Second was the shifting landscape at MSNBC. MSNBC was built entirely on building up Brian Williams to be the replacement for Tom Brokaw. When Brokaw retired, and Williams moved over, a void was created. To replace Williams, Chris Matthews moved up to the position. While Matthews was good on Sunday morning, however, his blatant partisan opinions could be hid. No longer able to do that, MSNBC shifted to the left.

Third was MSNBC’s attempt to compete directly with Fox News hiring Bill O’Reilly and Hannity & Combs, instead of creating their own path. To do this, they hired a ‘new and fresh’ personality, Michael Savage. Don’t get me wrong, I like Michael Savage, but MSNBC was not ready for Savage’s raw talking style which was much more confrontational than they imagined. Savage, also, has a temper and when that temper blew, MSNBC had to let him go and were now left with a massive void in their lineup.

That leads directly to the thing that pushed them over the edge. Having a very bad reaction to Savage, and now getting pummeled by the populist O’Reilly, who looks conservative to outsiders, MSNBC went and grabbed the biggest personality they could find who was available: Keith Olbermann. Olbermann, however, is a truther and to the left of Stalin in his political beliefs. His bombastic style on ESPN was the politically opposite of Savage, but he could fake being down to earth like the way O’Reilly comes across. So, MSNBC decided to pin everything on him. He lurched the channel in his political direction, forcing Matthews to follow along so he wouldn’t become second fiddle. For a time, Olbermann and Matthews were reigned in by Tim Russert, but since Russert’s passing, that’s no longer the case.

At this point, MSNBC is a unregistered propaganda arm of George Soros and his network of leftist organizations, all designed to create an environment for Soros to profit. The lies used by MSNBC to attack Rush Limbaugh recently came from one of Soros’s organizations. Soros was one of the investors helping to bid on the St. Louis Rams and wanted Limbaugh out of the way; that’s now looking to be the case as to what happened. 

So, what to do in order to get back at all of these individuals involved with Rush being pushed out as an investor?

Here is what I am doing, and why: Sunday night football is broadcast on NBC. Hosting the pregame, and halftime, highlights is none other than Keith Olbermann. Sunday night football has enjoyed high ratings this season so far, so I propose everyone upset at the fiasco this week…

Do Not Watch Sunday Night Football For The Rest Of The Season

This is just one game a week I ask you not to watch. Many conservatives love the game of football, like myself. Sacrificing all of the games is a bit much in our opinion, but if our denying NBC the ratings on Sunday night enjoyed by ESPN on Monday night, or enjoyed by CBS and Fox during the day, it sends a message equivalent to lower revenues due to the lack of ratings.

NBC is already losing money and they are looking for a new partner (since they either dropped or lost Microsoft after the first year or so of MSNBC). Losing money on what should be a moneymaker will speed up this process, and hopefully will bring MSNBC out of the leftist cesspool it has become by their new partner forcing changes to improve ratings.

It is an idea. It may not work, but it is something we can do that will show displeasure.

Media Lovefest for Democratic Convention

Time to get ready for the four day media lovefest of the Democrats and their convention.

In some ways, I am really glad the normal network news programs are not covering more than an hour a day of the convention. It gives them less time to praise Kerry and indoctrinate the sheep that watch the coverage. If you are planning on watching the convention, either for curiosity sake or because you need to raise your blood pressure, I would boycott the networks entirely and watch CSPAN, who does not interrupt things with moronic interviews, rear-kissing, or anything other than their biased call-in show before and after the convention and during breaks.

The news media is going to portray this convention as a ‘positive’ convention. We all know this is a farce – the only reason Kerry is getting the poll numbers he is, is because it is all about hating Bush. Just like how the modern Democrats hide the fact their party has turned into the Socialist party, the Democrats are going to try and hide the fact their entire agenda is ‘beat Bush’ and not anything positive for America or Americans.

Of course, the Democrat spin machine is already churning out that a crew member of Kerry’s boat…did you know he was in Vietnam?…was going to speak about veteran’s issues today. Wait a sec, isn’t the appointed spokesman for Vets issues on the Democrats side Senator Max Cleland? Where is he? Well, he’s not one of the ‘beautiful people’ that Kerry’s team has selected to put out in front to show just how handsome their supporters are. Instead, we get Ron Reagan, who has always been a liberal and gay rights activist, and people like Ben Affleck, the Hollywood elitists. But, both of them, and others on the slate, are photogenic. This is why Michael Moore, George Soros, people like Max Cleland, etc. are not speaking.

So, you are getting a phony picture of the Democrats, from the phonies in the news media.

But then, that is par for the course. Do you hear anything from the media about who the largest corporate donors are to the DNC? They are, in no particular order: Viacom (who owns CBS), Time Warner (who owns CNN), General Electric (who owns NBC), and Disney (who owns ABC). Seeing this, of course they are going to give the most favorable coverage to the Democrats. In addition, all four companies livelyhood is dependent on actors, actresses, etc. Gee…the Hollywood elitists, who are supporting Kerry.

Do not be surprised by the biased coverage. The media is not only following their political biases, but also kowtowing to those who control the purse strings.

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