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Nebraska Tea Party Conference and US Senate Debate

Nebraska Tea Party Conference & U.S. Senate Candidates Debate


Saturday April 7th , Check in at 8:00AM, Event begins at 9:00AM

Westside Community Conference Center, 3534 S 108th St. Omaha Nebraska,

½ mile south of Rockbrook Village on 108th Street

2:30PM is starting time for Senate Candidates Debate

4:00PM Event closes

This is a coordinated Tea Party and Grassroots Conservative groups effort in Nebraska.

Candidates debating are Deb Fischer, Pat Flynn, Jon Bruning & Don Stenberg and KFAB’s Scott Voorhees will be host for the debate.

Guest and celebrity speakers include one of Time Magazines 100 most powerful persons in the world. Co-founder of the Tea Party Movement & the Tea Party Patriots, Ms. Jenny Beth Martin. Keli Carender from the TPP, former Omaha Mayor Hal Daub, Joe Herring, Stephanie Reis and David West will be issues guest speakers.

There will be customized activist training provided by leading Tea Party instructors.

Candidate and exhibitors tables, onsite cafeteria, eating area and check in station.

Pre registration is recommended at http://www.eventbrite.com/org/1968355711

Additional Information available at the following links……

Media is requested to email NebraskaTPP@gmail.com for credentials

Dueling Endorsements

First, Tea Party Express came out in support for Jon Bruning, in the Nebraska Senate race against Ben Nelson in the general election.

Second, Erick Erickson of RedState backed Don Stenberg. See my previous post for my opinion on that endorsement.

Now, Mike Huckabee has come out and endorsed Bruning.

Meanwhile, Deb Fischer still isn’t in the race yet, and Pat Flynn is wondering if he is chopped liver in the endorsement wars going on currently.

I do not know how many times I have to keep repeating myself to wait on these endorsements. May is Nebraska’s primary, plenty of time for candidates to either prove themselves or fall on their faces in these primaries.

Yeah, I’m a lone voice out here it seems, but I have reason. I remember this individual by the name of Gene Spence who ran against Ben Nelson for Nelson’s second governor term. Spence got all sorts of endorsements, and spectacularly exploded about 2 weeks before the general election. He was no where near the candidate we needed in that race, but once he got the endorsements, he got the popularity push. Those opposing him, Ralph Knobel, Alan Jacobsen, and John DeCamp, were either unknowns or, in DeCamp’s case, someone Alex Jones admires (I wish I were kidding on this, but DeCamp’s narrow focus on the Franklin Credit Union scandal doomed him.) 

This time, we do not have this. Nelson’s a sitting duck for either Bruning or for Stenberg. Given time, and more name recognition, Flynn could win as well. We don’t have to be in such a rush on this, but now we’re in an endorsement war during a time when no one in Nebraska is paying attention.

Waste. Of. Time.

Now Erick Erickson Endorses Stenberg

Erick Erickson, editor of RedState and contributor to CNN, has jumped into the endorsement ring and endorsed Don Stenberg for Senate, contrary to the Tea Party Express’s endorsement last week of Jon Bruning.

It is enough to pull my hair out at this point. These endorsements are way too soon, and are wastes of time at this point in the state.

It is too bad Erick, in attacking Jon’s college liberalism, did not post the track record of Stenberg trying to get a Senate seat in Nebraska. Loss vs Hagel in primary. Loss vs Nelson in general.

I hate to also point out another former Democrat mayor of Lincoln who switched parties by the name of Mike Johanns, who Erick has praised before on RedState, especially Johanns’ move to defund Acorn.

In addition, there is another candidate announced: Patrick Flynn, who has associated with the Tea Parties. Another potential candidate, Deb Fischer (who IS a RINO), is making up her mind soon. I am surprised Erick, like Tea Party Express, has decided to jump in so early into this fight. This fight does not end until May. Nebraskans won’t be interested in the fight until February. Jumping in now is a waste of energy.

But, maybe Erick felt he needed to counter the endorsement by the Tea Party Express for Bruning, with one of his own for Stenberg. I do not know. I have met Don numerous times, and have met Jon a few times, and Pat a time or two as well. Any one of the three would be good in the end, in my opinion, and I, unlike either Erick or TPE live in this state. Fischer? No. That is one I can say at this time no. Not interested.

Like I’ve stated before here, and on http://nebraskateaparties.com, I won’t openly endorse any local candidates, but I will state who not to vote for in races. Too many people in Nebraska, especially in the Legislative races where people cannot see party affiliation, do not know enough about those local candidates to know who is good or not in primaries.


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