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An Idiot Walks Into the UN…

Though I could sum this up in just one picture, I want to go deeper into one of the stupid statements made today by Barack Obama in front of the United Nations. He said the “Freedom from want” is a human right. Not only is this wrong, but proves what we really elected for president.

Obama is a communist.

“Freedom from want” is another code phrase for the state taking care of you. You are not hungry, because the state provides. You are not without shelter, because the state provides. But it goes further than that – the state should provide you everything you could ever want, therefore you will be happy. Drugs? Prostitutes? Well, you should have those provided as well, since you ‘want’ them. Aldous Huxley described a society like this in Brave New World, a nightmare posing as a utopia paradise.

But, “Freedom from want” has other connotations. I tweeted about it earlier today. To not want means to have no desires. You are taking care of, so why would you bother to strive to do anything? You have nothing to motivate you to go forward in your life. This is progress? It is the exact opposite of progress, yet is the very definition of an utopian state by a so-called progressive.

No, to have “Freedom from want” leads quickly to stagnation, to conformity, to ignorance. It leads to the doom of the human race ultimately, because it means we will never reach the stars. We will not challenge authority, or fight for true freedom because we are complacent boobs. We eventually forget what is better, or what may be out there that we have not discovered yet, because we do not want to find out.

I want out of my job. This want makes me pick up my ass and put out resumes on job sites. I want Main Event Network to succeed, so I want to improve my computer setup at home to a level where I am able to broadcast at a much higher quality than I am. I am not a mindless drone, which is what would happen if I had the “Freedom from want” claimed by Obama.

Peace is hard.

This was another line from Obama. Of course it is hard, especially when one side of the fight wants you to either move to their way of thinking or be slaughtered like cattle. Obama sounds like the president from Mars Attacks: “Can’t we all just get along?” asked Jack Nicholsen’s character before the Martian Queen shoots him. Islamists are the Martian Queen in this scenario. Islamists will only compromise in order to delay you while they are getting into a more powerful position to force you into capitulation.

Putting it bluntly: no peace is possible with Islamists.

The sooner people come to that realization, the quicker we can fight at the real root of the problem. The root is inflexibility in the teachings of Islam, compared to the flexibility shown by every other world religion, including atheism. It still amazes me the Left supports Islamists, while claiming Christians want to install a theocracy in the United States. Christianity has so many sects it is amazing, yet for the most part one Christian sect does not go to war with another Christian sect these days. They agree to differ and part ways, but not with Islam. Any variant of Islam hates every other variant, calling them heretics, and try to kill one another. Christianity used to be violent towards individual sects, but Christianity got smarter about it quite a long time ago. Islam, being 700 years newer, has not reached that stage, but may never reach that stage. We must protect Israel, and ourselves, if we want to even reach the point where Islam may have a Martin Luther type figure.

Proof of Obama being a dufus gained.

President Dufus Waves - MSNBC pic

President Dufus Waves

Why I Fight Shariah

Itamar Fogel Family

Islamist supporters killed this family. Five innocent people, cut down in their sleep by thugs supporting global jihad. 

This sort of thing has been happening in America, though the media refuses to report it as such. Husbands killing their wives, brothers killing their sisters, all of which is sanctioned by Shariah Law.

Until we banish political correctness, take the blinders off of our eyes, and start doing things the right way when dealing with terrorists, this will just continue to escalate.

Stop Shariah Law.


Flotilla Was A Sucker Job

Let us be honest with ourselves. The entire reason for this ‘flotilla’ to provide ‘aid’ to Gaza was to create martyrs to the Hamas cause. They did this by stocking the six ships (there were six, which you never hear in the media) with all sorts of peace activists and other dhimmis in order to shield the truth from both them and from the international community.

All of the hardcore terrorists were on the one ship. I like how that turned out. It was that last ship that the fight occurred, with the 10 deaths. Those 10 people instigated an attack against a lawful inspection of the ship by the commandos doing the inspection. It was premeditated and timed, as they did it after all the other ships were inspected in order to lure the Israeli’s into a false sense of security.

(I have no need to link the video – though I would suggest looking to Atlas Says, Frontpage, or to the All American Blogger link on the side of this blog if you want to see it. )

What is not being reported is the approved materials from the five other ships were allowed to port in Israel and were allowed to be transported to Gaza. What happened at the border? Hamas turned it away. Why? Because it had served its purpose. Gaza is not needy for medicine and food, what Hamas is greedy for is PR against Israel and the ability to rearm itself so it can resume attacks against Israel.

I hope people like Code Pink like being used as human shields for these endeavors by Hamas. Big Government is doing a series showing how Code Pink should be included as an unindicted co-conspirator like how CAIR is in supporting such evil.

Yes, evil. If you have not read much of this blog, you would know I am anti-Islam. It is the one bias I readily admit to having. I believe in freedom, and Islam is all about slavery. It is slavery to what Islamists call the will of Allah, but even their own prophet, Muhammad, didn’t follow those tenets. 

 Lastly, I love how Hamas and other Islamists try to justify the fight against Israel. If Israel didn’t exist, Israel would have had to have been created. Islamists need a ‘boogeyman’, and Israel came into being at a good time. Otherwise, it would have been the Hindus in India, or the tribal nations of Africa. Islam, everyone with a brain knows, came into being in 620 A.D. The Jewish people had existed in Judea for almost 2000+ years before that date. To try and claim Islam was there first is ludicrous, but that is what is being taught to children in the Islamic lands. 

Islam will forever be enemy to all other religions, including atheists. Until people realize this and become willing to fight back, the current situation will just deteriorate.

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