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David West for Ambassador to ???

Robert Stacy McCain has written the Herman Cain campaign to lobby into becoming the next ambassador to Vanuatu.

All silliness aside, I could make a good case for myself being the next cybersecurity expert, or at least deputy ambassador to any  country. Surprisingly, I do have the qualifications, or at least qualifications beyond what we have in those positions.

For example, what moron in the State department refused to understand the people we were helping overthrow Gaddafi (or whatever the spelling is this week) were radical Islamists? They have announced impositions of sharia and refuse to give Gaddafi a proper Islamic burial because he was a secularist. All the supposed ‘democratic’ reforms are really a smoke screen for oppression with religion at its core versus oppression with power at its core. I know I’m smarter than this.

Afghanistan said they would back Pakistan, if the tensions between Pakistan and the United States reach a boiling point. Again, anyone with a brain could see we made a very poor decision back in 1948. We should have allied ourselves directly to India, not backed the United Kingdom and refused to deal with them after their independence. Instead, we sided with Pakistan’s revolt and ended up, again, supporting Islamist rule. I know I could have done better.

See, the State department has never been able to rebuild a country with their ideal since the start of the Vietnam conflict. South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia were all failures. I predict, because of State department incompetence,  we will have the same situation with Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. We already are failing Egypt, Algeria, and now Libya. Then, to top it all off, we are moving into Uganda to help prop up an illegally elected government. May I remind of the great success being had by Somalia and our attempts to quell the chaos? How about the UN’s mission in Zaire? Our lack of help to Sudan resolved itself, finally, by the Sudanese, just like in Ethiopia. Sudan was an area where we should have intervened, but did not.

Needless to say, our foreign policy is incompetent, run by State department exclusively. I could do better. I know Herman Cain will hire the best people to do the job, unlike the man in the White House and the woman heading the State department. They only hired their political cronies, and look what it has gotten this country.

So, I make my appeal. I will take almost any ambassadorial post. I am not picky. I just want a chance to straighten out all this mess we have because of the idiot sitting in the Oval Office.

Give Me A Break

So, the Ron Paul conspiracy theorists are all up in arms about Rick Perry now, because he attended one meeting of the Bildbergers. Oh, and he approved the mandatory vaccination asked for by the Center for Disease Control for pregnant mothers.

This is right up there with the attacks on Herman Cain being a member of the Federal Reserve Board in Kansas City, despite never having a voting position on the main board that decides policy.

Oh, let alone the attacks on almost every other candidate in the race.

Look, Ron Paul fans, you are doing yourselves a huge disservice. First, I already know if Ron isn't the nominee, you won't be going to the polls for the general election. That is just the way you guys are. It is Ron or nobody. Secondly, though, your ideas on the size of government need to be heard but are drowned out by your attitude.

Please, also, stop trying to claim Ron Paul started the Tea Party movement. He was not there, he was not involved. Michael Leahy, Eric Odom, Terri Christoph, and others started the movement after the rant by Rick Santelli on CNBC. Nationally known names came in secondly, including Michelle Malkin, Dick Armey's Freedomworks, Glenn Beck's 912 Movement etc. Though some of the leaders may have sympathy for Paul, Campaign for Liberty only showed up after the first two rallies were held, and only then in certain parts of the country. Even then, C4L in many areas refused to work with the other Tea Party groups forming up.

Don't you think all those groups formed because they did not want to be associated with Paul? I know a number of them did, just because of the reasons stated above.

So please, just give us all a break. I voted for Paul in 2008, but the actions of his supporters make me not want to do so again, even if he does come out the winner of the primary. I will, though, because I care more about this country than the cult of personality surrounding Ron Paul. You should as well.

Better Alternatives

Conservatives, do not listen to the media when it comes to the Republican nominee. As the press touts a candidate, look to the alternative candidate who is a conservative in both fiscal and social issues:

You want a businessman, with a proven record of creating jobs and is not a career politician? Herman Cain

You want an ex-governor, able to be elected in a crazy liberal state as a conservative? Tim Pawlenty

You want a firebrand House member who has been able to stand up to a savage press beatdown and give it back in spades? Michelle Bachmann

You want a social conservative? All three of the above. Yet, all three are also fiscally conservative and won’t raise taxes unlike one certain frontrunner.

Want the Fair Tax? Herman Cain has been supporting it for years.

We must get out there and inform the people of these three candidates. These three should be our frontrunners, not the flawed individuals the press is pushing on us. The press wants Gingrich, Huckabee, Romney, or Trump to be our nominee. They think Obama can beat those four. Obama, though, can’t beat Cain, Pawlenty, or Bachmann once debates start taking place. The press is thusly trying to bury those three threats.

We must inform the people. As bloggers, it is our duty.

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