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A Sucker Born Every Rally

General Electric paid zero taxes this year.

It is not a surprise to me, nor should it be a surprise to anyone if they just took a look around at what is going on. But no, certain elements of the Left are up in arms about this sudden ‘revelation’. 

Italian fascism I have detailed before in this blog. Monetary incentives being funneled to allies and supporters, while creating a hostile business environment for enemies is how Mussolini kept control all of those years before their northern neighbor’s revival. Mussolini helped the Cammora, fought the Mafia, then switched sides, keeping the two organizations fighting one another. He used his socialist economic interests to keep his opponents reeling and fighting one another. Again, I documented all of this previously.

Mussolini’s closest business friends got rich off the back of the people, even as they claimed they were helping the people through tough economic times. 

So, today, we have Barack Obama doing the same thing. He helps the union bosses keep control, and their pockets filled while receiving campaign help and donations even to the detriment of the union laborer. He does the same with civil rights groups, who have long past their previous good deeds and are now just a tax refuge for intellectuals running the organizations, claiming to help the people but watching their neighborhoods become more and more blighted with unemployment, drugs, crime, and misery. Then, the big businesses supporting Obama get away with murder, all in the name of helping people or the environment. 

General Electric wrote the proposed cap and trade bill. The only appliances these days that fit under the regulations of the bill happen to be manufactured by General Electric. The car insurance companies backing Obama helped write Obamacare, something little reported. Cheap mortgage companies were backed by Obama, such as Countrywide, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac, yet regular banks, who did not support Obama, are routinely attacked as being greedy. Countrywide, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac executives made millions. Goldman Sachs is yet another example. All those companies around them that did not support Obama are villified, yet they make out like the fabled robber barons of the early 20th Century. George Soros, financier of Marxist causes, gets rich with every manipulation he does to the political cycles of the world. He cannot enter France, of all places, because of his manipulations of political events that affect currency speculation.

So, I am not surprised at the revelations about General Electric. The sheep following the Left are shocked now, and will be shocked even further because of the blinders they have put on to reality. Obama, and his friends, are no friend to the people. Never have been, never will. They are only concerned with power and greed, and General Electric is the first tears of the cloak of invisibility they have hidden their true dealings behind.

None Dare Call It Conspiracy

I have always been a fan of the book "None Dare Call It Conspiracy". By accident, my library had this small book in the paperback section. I think I checked it out more often than any other book. 

The book turns on end the entire right wing vs left wing cock and bull story we are constantly being fed by the media and the political parties. Instead, it shows how the battle is totalitarianism vs true anarchy (not that fake anarchy crap being perpetuated by the loony left). It showed back in 1972 where fascism and socialism were cousins, not opposites.

Recently, a number of books like Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin, and Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, follow along the lines that this book over 35 years ago first set out.

Why am I writing about this? Because I found a PDF copy of the book on the web. I urge all of you who read my rantings here to read this pdf and see how we have been duped over the years.

None Dare Call It Conspiracy

Reid and Pelosi Attempt to Ignite Civil War

Yes, my title is provocative, but hear me out.

Harry Reid is going to use parliamentary tricks in order to get the Health Care bill passed despite opposition of more than 55% of the electorate. He’s going to attempt to tie the Health Care bill to the tax on TARP bonuses that was passed by Pelosi’s House.

In essence, the two of them are going to ram a grab of 17% of our GDP through, and include the public option on it. 

Not only is this against any sort of common decency to follow the bill the right way through the House and Senate, but they are just trying to provoke people who are going to take major offense to this being ramrodded down their throats. Those people are already fed up, at witnessed by the Tea Parties. Until now, those people have followed the law to the letter – ask yourself how many of the one million plus at Washington DC’s September 12th rally were arrested for civil disobedience?


That’s going to start to change, the more Reid and Pelosi flaunt the system and push this country into a state Stalin would be proud of, let alone Mussolini (search this blog for my November 2008 article concerning that).

The violence that Pelosi faked tears over, and warned about is coming closer and closer to reality the more this kind of garbage she pushes. If it does come about, the blame is squarely on her shoulders for using the government to oppress the freedoms enjoyed by its people, and for destroying the protections we have in the United States Constitution to restrict the power of government.

I wish I wouldn’t have to predict this sort of thing. I thought we could all be responsible individuals and not let it come down to another Civil War. If the trend continues, however, I see it as inevitable.

Let’s get it straight…I’m not advocating it, but I am predicting it. 

God help us all.

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