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How Well Did I Do?

Wednesday morning quarterbacking here, but to recap my endorsements and the results with a few comments:

President: I wrote in Herman Cain. 110 others did as well. Mitt Romney won, of course, but the surprise is Rick Santorum getting 13% and Ron Paul only making about 10%. Paul supporters are very vocal in Nebraska, trying to control what remains of the Tea Party in parts of the state, but this shows their numbers are far smaller than their voice. The Paul shenanigans in other states will be blocked in Nebraska, meaning Nebraska’s delegation will probably be all Romney supporters in the end.

US Senate: Deb Fischer. Pegged this one. People for years will study the Don Stenberg campaign, wondering how he could have blown it so bad with all the conservative groups backing him.

US House: Lee Terry won easily. Brent Lindstrom came in 2nd with about 25% of the vote. This was a protest vote against Lee. I was a protest vote with Glenn Freeman, but it was also a pick based on my dealings with Glenn and his work with the Tea Party.

DC Register of Deeds: It needs to be made official, but Jason Johanns looks to have reached the 1500 votes he needed to get on the general election ballot.

Unicameral: I was the most disappointed in these results. Adrian Petrescu and Vernon J Davis are not moving on to the general election. Acela Turco came in second in a two person race, so she will definitely need our support in the general.

Regents: Hal Daub and Ann Ferlic Ashford advanced over the two solid Democrats who were running. Ashford’s husband is the Nebraska celebrity RINO, so I hope people back Hal but the two other candidate voters will back Ashford. This will tighten the race up considerably, so Hal is going to have to campaign hard to keep his lead in the general election.

Ad From Romney I Want To See

Hello, I’m Mitt Romney.

My opponent, President Obama, wants to paint me as an evil corporate raider, who fires people for no reason.

Such is further from the truth than normal with political ads.

When I was with Bain Capital, we did take over companies. Yes, we did lay off a lot of people. When a business is inefficient, when a business does not have a viable future, jobs are lost. It is a sorry state, but it is the only way a company can grow in the most efficient way possible.

These people would not be out of work long in a Romney administration, however. Many businesses will be starting up, will be hiring, so those that do not work out won’t need extended unemployment benefits. People won’t drop out of the workforce completely, frustrated at not finding a job.

What I will not do is let an inefficient government stand in our way, or even worse, build it up to be even more of a burden on ours, and our grandchildren’s, pocketbooks.

I think it is obvious what my opponent thinks on these things.

I am Mitt Romney, and I am the candidate for our future. I am not the candidate going forward over the cliff.


The Fat Lady is Warming Up

This week could be the defacto end of the primary, if some of the rumors out there are true. If true, it means we will be stuck with Mitt Romney for our nominee. As some of you know, I’m firmly in the #NotMitt camp, but it is looking pretty bad for the three Stooges we have to face off against Mitt.

The reason behind my statement is simple. This week is Minnesota and Missouri’s beauty pageants, no delegates but indications of a candidate’s strengths. Santorum is near the top in both of these races, but he has to win both to keep on trucking as the alternative to Mitt. Missouri, since Newt Gingrich did not get on this ballot, is the key one. If Santorum cannot beat Romney here without being drained by Gingrich, Santorum will fold. Though I know those who back Newt would want Santorum’s endorsement, I do not think it will happen. It is more prudent for Santorum to endorse Romney and end things once and for all. In exchange, Labor secretary is looking mighty good for the man from Pennsylvania who voted against national Right to Work.

If this comes to pass, it is all over but the shouting. However, if Santorum backs Gingrich or refuses to make an endorsement, Gingrich survives beyond Super Tuesday to at least Texas on April 3rd. If Santorum stays in the race, Super Tuesday becomes make or break for both him and Gingrich.

Colorado votes tomorrow. Honestly, I have stated this may be the second best state for Ron Paul. I know a lot of Paul supporters from the state. Paul could get himself back into the conversation with an upset in Colorado. Paul’s other big state is New Mexico, home of now libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. Nevada I saw as Paul’s third strongest state, but he faltered there. Paul won’t drop out, and eventually will be the last #NotMitt standing. By then, though, most of the people will have held their nose and took the plunge with Romney. Paul’s foreign policy and social policy just rubs too many people the wrong way.

I will be seeing all but Ron Paul at CPAC (though Rand Paul will be there). It should be a fun conference, but I will save all my observations for later. I just hope the hotel wireless does not suck like most have in the past. I want to Twitcast, despite my blogger credentials still not coming through.

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