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McClellan’s Anti-Bush Book

A huge deal is being made in the news media concerning Scott McClellan’s new book that supposedly ‘exposes the truth’ about the Bush administration.

Of course, all those media outlets are neglecting to state the publisher of the book is owned by a company controlled by George Soros. Remember the story a few weeks ago about David Brock (the previous Republican turned ultraliberal) going to meet with Soros in New York about something? I am guessing McClellan’s book was the subject of that meeting.

McClellan, like his namesake from the Civil War, has decided to harm a sitting president in the middle of a war based primarily on promoting freedom by coming out and attacking him. Now, whether he turns out as rabid as Brock has will be determined. However, this does prove one major thing about the Bush administration even if most of the speculation in the book about what happened in meetings McClellan did not attend is not true:

The Bush administration’s hiring practices leave something to be desired.

This is why ‘yes-men’ are the worst possible thing to surround yourself with when you are in a position of authority. Sorry, Scotty, but that’s what you were. You may now be having a crisis of conscience, but you were a yes-man. Now, you are a yes-man to Brock and Soros because you want to be liked, even though the only reason you kept the job you had was because you kowtowed well.

Let’s be honest, McClellan’s ineptitude at his job is one of the prime reasons Bush’s ratings are now abysmal. The decline started because of McClellan’s inability to be a spokesman. That started the Bush administration on the wrong foot, and it has spiraled downward ever since.

Election Day 2004

Well, today is the day.

Do we reelect a President who saw us through 9/11, and understands the goals of terrorists?

Or do we elect a wimp, who can’t show he really has any sort of plan at all?

You know who I am voting for, and though I am in a ‘Red’ state, I have already voted and encourage people to go out and vote FOR freedom, FOR women’s rights, FOR America, in other words: FOR George W Bush.

My Letter To the President

Dear President Bush,

I want to thank you very much for running, and becoming, the President of the United States when you did. I do not believe this country could have survived as well as it has with another person in the most important profession in the world. You were strong while the media was panicking. You did what was right, first coming to my hometown, where we have the greatest military communication complex in the world, and then when you went to New York, to Ground Zero, you gave the speech of your life to a grieving nation.

But, you did not just stop at that. You understood the threat of terrorism. So, you took the fight to their backyard, since they had attacked our backyard. What has happened in Afghanistan has been nothing short of amazing, cementing with the election of a president of that country just today.

People continue to not understand your actions concerning Iraq. Iraq sponsored terrorism. Those who attack you do not understand there are more terrorists out there than just Osama Bin Laden. You know this, and with your leadership, not only is the evil of Saddam Hussein ended, but Libya has abandoned its nuclear program.

Domestically, I want to thank you for cutting my taxes. The increase in the exemption for individuals you got through Congress has improved my standard of living. In no small part due to the tax break, I am now the proud owner of a home.

My mother died just this June, due to medical complications from the medicine she was taking. However, if she was in the medical system that has been proposed by your opponents, she would have died long ago. People in Canada wait months for hip replacements, her original issue. She had osteoporosis, one of the many diseases that are being looked at for stem cells, so again, I want to thank you for being the first President to actually fund stem cell research.

So, thank you, Mr. President. I am rooting for your reelection.

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