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Has Obama Committed Fraud?

First thing most people will assume with that headline is I am going to talk about the birth certificate.


The Arizona election official who said he could potentially remove Obama’s name from the ballot in that state is now satisfied the birth certificate he received from Hawaii was legitimate. To me, this is yet another nail in the coffin to the story, one not very relevant in the course of things as I have blogged previously. Getting rid of Obama is nice, but getting rid of all of the socialists embedded in the government is far more important.


Why would Barack Obama still want all of his records hidden, especially something which should be so innocent as his course work at Harvard? What more is he hiding is the question in most people’s mind. Again, the birther group goes after one piece of evidence, but I think the smoking gun hides in Obama’s educational records. If we know about a bullying incident 50 years ago by Mitt Romney, how come we know nothing about Barack Obama’s high school and university records?

Because the mainstream media keeps blocking this story from coming out, and insist to see Obama’s school record, blogger Brooks Bayne and a number of others have offered $20,000 to anyone who can produce the records we want to see.

What follows is a bit of speculation of my part, I admit. Without those transcripts, I cannot get the dots to connect but could very well be one reason why those transcripts are hidden from view.

I believe the reason Obama hid his birth certificate, why he hides his university and high school records, is he perpetuated fraud getting admitted into Harvard on an international student scholarship. I do believe Obama was born in Hawaii, but as has been shown in other sources, has been disingenous about his nationality when it comes to education.

First, examine his time as a grade school student in Indonesia. To get into the school he was in, he had to be a Muslim. Obama has been deliberately vague on this. The only school record to have come out of any sort has his religion listed as Muslim. If he was a Muslim at the time, then changed into the Christian Obama and his supporters claim he is, then he is an apostate and subject to the death penalty. If he wasn’t Muslim in the first place, then he was in the grade school fraudulently.

Moving onto Harvard, it has been reported by numerous sources Obama was bankrolled by a Saudi Prince with controversial ties. But, how did that bankroll occur? Payments and scholarships would be listed in transcripts and education records. Newspaper reports which have been discovered by the Breitbart and WND teams have shown references to Obama being a native of Kenya. Could it be Obama was on a foreign exchange scholarship sponsored by the Saudi Prince meant for a radical Muslim student? This despite being born in the United States, thus not being eligible; or not being Muslim and thus ineligible on that basis. This is fraud, pure and simple. If Obama is eligible for these things, we are back to the other two issues: Birth Certificate and whether he is really Muslim.

The only way we are going to know this is by examining his college records. Add to this we do not even know what sort of grades Obama received, whether he was graded on a curve due to his minority status, or what types of courses he took while in class. We don’t know if he ended up skipping classes and getting poor grades, like I did (I was bored). We don’t even know any of the people he hung around with while at school.

It is all a mystery the media refuses to investigate.

The pressure is building, however. The media is not going to be able to ignore these questions much longer.

Please go to http://thetrenches.us/2012/05/10000-to-anyone-who-provides-the-college-transcripts-of-president-barack-obama/ and chip in for the bounty for the transcripts. Let’s keep on the pressure on Obama, the man who claimed he would make his administration the most transparent in history. Make your records as transparent as you claim to be, Obama.

Detektor Demolishes the Dummy

It is bad enough when conservative media have to take Barack Obama to task for being an idiot. How such a man was able to lie his way into the Presidency is still amazing. But, it get even worse when the foreign press has to do it.

I do think the Dutch’s program Dekektor has a legitimate gripe, and something no one, not even the conservative blogosphere, has brought up yet.

Take a watch:

Bell and Black Supremacy Alive and Well at UNO

Derrick Bell is a name I had hoped to have long forgotten, until Breitbart’s team unearthed Barack Obama supporting Bell at Harvard.

In the early 1990s, one of the requirements for all students at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) was to take a ‘diversity class’. This had to be either black studies, native american studies, women’s studies, or another class of the like. This requirement is still active, as far as I know.

I, as it turned out foolishly, opted to try the Black Studies course to fulfill my obligation for my degree. I still wonder what possessed me to sign up for the class. I got to the class, and it was in a larger lecture hall. The class had over 100 students, a vast majority of them white. Omaha does not have a large black population, and it is reflected in the University. The female instructor walked in at the base of the hall and started talking about what the course would be about, and the books we would read.

The first book announced was Derrick Bell’s And We Are Not Saved The Elusive Quest for Racial Justice. Other followed, but were of the same ilk. Since this was a Tuesday-Thursday class, and thus longer, the teacher started into the first lesson. Immediately, she started spouting the black supremacist racism from Bell’s writings and telling all the white people in the class they were evil. Society was inherently racist against blacks, the teacher whined. I, among some other students, started immediately trying to challenge the teacher’s assumptions but she dismissed us as ‘white racists’ who where blinded by our own evil.

I brought up the point in my argument against the teacher that there already was a word in the language for institutionalized racism: apartheid. She absolutely refused to use the word, however, because she knew the negative connotations that word had in the 1990s since South Africa was still an apartheid state at the time. Calling the United States policy towards blacks apartheid would have immediately diffused all credibility the teacher had, and she knew it. Pointing out the first documented cases of slavery were by blacks towards other blacks probably did not help endear me to the teacher. In fact, she claimed I was just making it up to justify my racism. However, it happened in Nubia, recorded in the scrolls of Egypt, as was taught to me in an ancient history class at the same university!

Needless to say, after the first class was complete, I walked over to the campus administrative offices and dropped the class right then and there. Later on in my academic career, I went to the Native American studies class and the professor for it was also biased, but he was biased as a fan of Russell Means, and a defender of Leonard Peltier. But, since Means is a noted libertarian, I had common ground with the professor and could work with him, unlike the black studies teacher who immediately dismissed me as racist. To note, I got an ‘A’ in the Native American studies class. I do not believe the black studies teacher is at UNO any longer, as I believe she left before getting tenure because enough students finally filed cases with the ombudsman.

Though the teacher no longer is at UNO, it does not mean the hate is still not being taught to our college children. The same hate was taught in seminary school in Chicago, according to my good friend, an ex-Lutheran minister. This is the same philosophy taught to followers of Louis Farrakhan, followers of Jeremiah Wright, followers of Al Sharpton, and followers of Jesse Jackson. It is hate, and the fact our president is so ingrained with these individuals should have been told to us in 2008 by the news media. It is espoused by ‘leaders’ of the community even here in Omaha, and at our educational institutions.

All of these individuals have turned their backs on Martin Luther King Jr. King said he wished people would “not judge a man by his skin, but the content of his character.’

Barack Obama, and these black supremacists he is a part of, has been judged, and I find him lacking any character.


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