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Once upon a time, there was a group of hard conservatives who got together and called themselves the Wrecking Crew. This group formed to take down the array of liberal groups out there attempting to do the same to conservative bloggers and twitter users.

The Left got wind of this group, and the group was infiltrated by a faction backed by Neil Rauhauser. Eventually, the Left gained control of the group as more and more of the original members abandoned ship. The Wrecking Crew, while still claiming to be conservatives, turned against its former members and allies. During this time, nicknamed ‘TwitterGate’ by those involved, the Wrecking Crew was involved in getting Greg W Howard removed from Twitter for a while. I, among others, petitioned Twitter to reinstate Greg. He was also subjected to all manner of attacks on a personal level, led by a twitter account called GregWBlowhard. This account was Rauhauser himself.

Bad, right? Now things start turning bizarre. During these assaults by the Wrecking Crew, they were supported by a number of people on the Left. One of those was Lee Stranahan. Now, after this time, Lee switched allegiances and started working within the Breitbart organization.

Skip forward a couple of years, and the case of Brett Kimberlin, terrorist and another liberal rabblerouser who is friends with Rauhauser. Kimberlin has been implicated in SWATting, the practice of calling police anonymously with false reports and hoping the cops will cause harm to Kimberlin’s critics. One of those hit was one of Lee’s friends. So, Lee helped organize a campaign on blogs to call out Kimberlin. I participated in this, and this was a good cause. However, I did not know a path could be traced between all three of the gentlemen.

Enter the fourth person into this mess, Ali Ackbar of the National Bloggers Club, who I have written about in my past couple of posts on this blog. Ali formed a defense fund to take on Kimberlin, under the auspices of the NBC. As a result, Ali was hit with a SWATting attack. Ali brought this up to Saxby Chambliss, who is pursuing this in Congress. Also, though, in retaliation, Kimberlin and Rauhauser exposed Ali’s legal issues with credit card fraud.

In the meantime, Lee Stranahan, as well as the Twitchy Team led by Michelle Malkin, attacked Greg W Howard, calling him a conspiracy theorist and worse for injecting into the fight facts about TwitterGate and the ties between the two incidents. I still am trying to figure out why this occurred. To me, and this is PURE speculation, Stranahan may have not wanted to either get overshadowed about TwitterGate and his cause against Kimberlin, or it could be his past support of the Wrecking Crew made it so he did not want to be fingered as being hypocritical. I do not know. However, this is where Brooks Bayne got involved to help out his fellow Marine, Howard, and now everything is a gigantic mess.

Kimberlin, and Rauhauser, could not have planned this any better. Breitbart’s former associates jumped into the fight to defend their colleague, Stranahan, and as more evidence and information comes out are looking bad for doing so without waiting to see what the facts of the case are. We still do not know all the facts. The attacks Stranahan started, though, were completely irresponsible and unprofessional and I have lambasted him on Twitter for it.

Meanwhile, this NBC legal defense fund has tons of issues as well because of Ali’s stewardship, and the information released on his criminal background. Read more about this at Goldfish and Clowns.

Thus, both issues have merged into one. More exists to this story about threats being made behind the scenes, confidential emails being passed to people who should not have received them, and the like. Those, though, look to be moving to actual litigation. If you want to see the case against Stranahan, read The Trenches website.

I am so disappointed we have to put up with all of this. In the 1920s, Benito Mussolini used internal dissension of the same sort we are seeing here to keep his opponents divided in order to keep power. Through the use of infiltrators into the various organizations arrayed against him, Mussolini kept agitating internal conflicts. With all sorts of people involved now, including people such as Michelle Malkin, the old and new Breitbart team, the Trenches, the NBC, and Kimberlin/Rauhauser’s puppet organizations, this conflict has already ballooned to a point where bad blood will exist for many years and beyond.

Who has won in all of this so far? Kimberlin and Rauhauser. Congratulations.



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