Upvoted: [Ethics]/[SocJus] “The ABC show teaching kids to sympathise with ISIS.” Underscores how “Behind the News,” which is shown in classrooms, isn’t only spinning ideological agitprop but costing the careers of teachers for disagree with the narrative. via /r/KotakuInAction

Here again. And for those wanting to see the article from the Herald Sun, click here, as it's inaccessible outside Australia without a paywall.

Now for those wondering how relevant this article is to the sub, the focus of this piece by one Miranda Devine isn't just on how ABC's "Behind the News," which is shown in classrooms down under, is ideologically slanted and biased to a serious fault:

Mrs A says that in 2014, when Islamic State was rampaging through Syria and Iraq, BtN aired stories which she saw as “taking a sympathetic view” to ISIS.

“They were brainwashing the kids,” she said yesterday.

Mrs A, who does not want to use her real name, eventually banned the show because it revved up her Year 5 and 6 classes in the predominately Muslim school in southwest Sydney.

Students would cheer on ISIS and run around the classroom spouting anti-West sentiments, she said. “It was putting the thought into their heads that [ISIS] was our fault. It was a sympathetic view making out like ISIS were there because we were there.

“At home they’re hearing the same thing and then they’re coming to school and having it reinforced…. It just shouldn’t be shown in schools.”

But also how it's costing careers:

Mrs A is meeting with the NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes next month to discuss what she claims was a blind eye turned to the radical behaviour of her young Muslim students, including: bringing ISIS-style flags to school; threatening her with “beheading” gestures; chanting the Koran in Arabic in her face; demanding she remove the cross around her neck.

Traumatised and disillusioned, Mrs A left Punchbowl two years ago and quit teaching altogether last year.

But her criticism of BtN suggests that, rather than steering children away from Islamist radicalism, the education system unwittingly helped reinforce their antagonism to Western democracy.

Which isn't even getting to how the show in question seems to be using its pretensions of journalistic rigor and insight as an excuse to push propaganda and outright dishonest bullshit. All of which have rather worrying repercussions, given who the audience is.

Still, have at it, KiA!

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