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From this week's Observer:

Mauro Ranallo missed his second straight Smackdown on 3/21, this time said to be due to illness after the previous week it was said to be due to travel issues. Ranallo has suffered from terrible depression dating back to being a teenager. He’s spoken about it frequently and in depth, including articles on the Sherdog MMA site and in Fighting Spirit magazine. He’s been out of contact with people he’s known for years dating back to 3/13, although two of his closest friends have said that he’s okay and resting up. He once missed an Invicta event over depression before coming to WWE. Ranallo has done many in-depth articles on the subject including one just recently with Fighting Spirit magazine and it’s a subject he has talked openly about, to the point he has been something of a spokesperson and advocate in teaching people not to stigmatize people with mental health issues. Years ago he was self-nicknamed The Bipolar Rock & Roller. Ranallo is super active on Twitter, but hasn’t posted anything since 3/13.

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Upvoted: Meltzer thinks Mike Bennett and Maria are WWE bound via /r/SquaredCircle

— Cody Rhodes pinned Mike Bennett to win the NEW Title. Bennett losing it right after winning it is interesting. Bennett and Maria are going somewhere we're told to which they have been very secretive about. Secretive usually means WWE since they tell everyone not to tell everyone. Bennett also lost the next night to Vinny Marseglia in Waterbury CT.

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