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Socialists have this weird issue where if socialism is successful, they say it's real. But if it fails (and it always does), they say it "wasn't REAL socialism"

Want proof that leftists called Venezuela and other South American countries 'real' socialism? Here is Bernie Sanders saying socialism works in Venezuela.

oh and let's not forget that michael moore has endorsed cuban healthcare as superior to the US's, despite the doctors fleeing en masse.

You can't just pretend like you never made those claims, socialism is what Venezuela has. The problem with these systems is that they inevitably fall to human greed and corruption. It's extremely arrogant to pretend that if you were the dictator, you would somehow bring in utopia for the masses, just listen to Jordan Peterson explain it

And don't even try to point to Scandinavian countries as proof that socialism works. Those countries have been moving towards freer markets to get out of economic stagnation. Even the Prime Minister of Denmark said that Denmark was far from a socialist planned economy, it as a market economy, which goes to show, Socialism either:

  • A) collapses back into capitalism

  • B) becomes a violent, totalitarian state

The funniest part is, socialists cannot stand disagreement. In every extreme leftist sub, you fuckers have to ban anyone who disagrees. You cannot tolerate anyone pointing out your flaws at all, or criticize you, because you can't stand up to it. Your garbage, failure of an ideology has to prevent any outside voices in order to survive.

Meanwhile, you socialists flood r/libertarian with your hypocritical idiots. look at /u/SmallPl0x, 0 self-awareness, 0 honesty.

Fuck off until you can be honest about what you are.

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