My Political Life

My political philosophy was formed very early. In 1976, I participated in the Scholastic Presidential vote for 4th graders. As you may or may not know, the result of that vote has accurately predicted the Presidential winner. Well, during that vote nationally, Carter won by a wide margin over Ford. I, however, was the only one in my 30 person class that voted for Ford. When I was asked about it, my response to the teacher was "you will regret voting for Carter." Of course, I came home that day and my dad told me he voted Carter, and I told him the same thing.

As time went on, I kept my conservatism. I became known in my classes as the big Right wing advocate, even as one of my friends, Todd, was seen as the big Left wing advocate. We still got along, though. My classmates would hear us debate in a civil manner, and slowly my classmates became more and more conservative as Todd really wasn’t that good in using evidence to support his debate positions. 

Around this time, I discovered the book None Dare Call It Conspiracy in my public library. Though written by the John Birch Society, I found it extremely insightful, especially the points where Nazis were actually on the Left of a spectrum where capitalism was on the right and totalitarianism was on the left. This formed views that I still hold today.

In 1983, the big thing on the Left was the nuclear freeze movement. This patronizing individual from the Nebraskans for Peace was invited in to answer questions about the movement to our class. I was the only person to confront her. Afterwords, all my classmates (and I do mean all – including Todd), came up to my and congratulated me on winning the debate. Two years later, she came to my junior political science class and almost walked out when she found me sitting in the front row of the class, smiling at her. She lost that debate too.

1984 marked my next foray into politics, in this case Model United Nations. In MUN, you are given about a month to research a country that you select, then act like that country in one of four areas with kids from across the city doing the same. It is debate (which I was also involved in) with a twist. In many cases, you actually have to try and defend a position you are not sympathetic towards. My first year, I was Japan. I had no other partners, so I could only attend one of the four sessions. I chose the foreign policy session, as since Japan was not on the Security Council, I had no reason to attend it. I learned two things immediately. First, since terrorism was the main issue, I heavily researched it. So, Japan authored the first anti-terrorism resolution to ever pass the MUN in the city. 

In 1985, I attended the Young Americans for Freedom convention in Denver, Colorado, accompanied by my dad. I ended up actually designing the foreign policy platform for that convention, and spoke for one of the candidates running for chairman. After that speech, which my own dad called rabble rousing, dad also said in the future do not support single issue candidates. The person I spoke for was one. That philosophy has also guided me since that time. I also witnessed William Rusher, a great man, actual take aside one of the college protesters of the conference and convert him away from his university-taught socialism. That also left an impression on me. 80% of the Left’s followers are not stupid, but they are ignorant. Once they are confronted with the facts, away from the peer pressure of the other sheep, they can grasp the concepts behind conservatism and realize it is the right philosophy.

1985 also saw my second foray into the MUN, and this time I was given the country of Iraq. Ironic, hm?

1986 saw a couple of events. First, I actually sat down and helped a campaign in the city for the first time. Though Denny Hensen did not win, due to his slowly becoming a single issue candidate by the end of the campaign (remember my comment above – he didn’t start out as one), I learned a lot. I also learned my shyness hinders my helping of campaigns on the ground. I am not a good house walker, not a good phone person at all. I can organize behind the scenes, I learned, but I have a hard time with the face to face interactions of being a volunteer.

1986 also saw a campaign for Nebraska governor. As part of civics, we watched the debate being held for the Republican candidates for governor. This was to replace Bob Kerrey, who was running for Senate. The two principal opponents in a field of about seven was Kermit Brashear, head of the Nebraska Republican Party at the time, and Kay Orr. Starting out, since Brashear had the most name recognition, the class supported him. Right before the debate, the class asked me who I supported. I said Orr. By the time the debate was over, Orr had 30 more votes in the primary. Everyone literally watched answers to the debate questions, then turned to look at me to see what my opinion of the answer was.

I graduated and went down to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln for college at the time. I admit, I goofed off way too much while down there, causing my grades to suffer. Two notable incidents occurred before 1988. First and foremost was my experience with Political Science. It was a course ran by a member of the Communist Party. You may think I am joking, but he showed me his membership card. My fights with him my first semester as a freshman, and the fact since he was the professor, the cloned sheep in the class made me the lone opponent in class, got to a point that I realized UNL was corrupted. I had joined Accuracy in Academia because of this man and that class, though my membership lapsed. Still, it caused me to start just not caring about my college education. 

The YAF chapter on UNL died about the time I got there, and it was pretty much the death knell of the organization as a whole until its recent revival. Still, I persevered. In 1988, I discovered that UNL was hosting, once again, Model United Nations. This time, it was on the college level instead of the high school level. I walked in and asked to sign up. The organizers were puzzled why someone would just walk in and want to join in with absolutely no preparation. I was given the option of a number of countries which had not been selected. I picked Luxembourg.

Now, for those of you who may not know the United Nations, Luxembourg, at the time of Ronald Reagan’s presidency, voted more often with the United States than any other NATO nation. The organizers did not realize I honestly did not have to do any research. While at the event, once again a very familiar terrorism resolution was brought up, but this time worded against Israel. The idiots who were playing the United States were actually supporting the resolution were Leftists instead of mimicking the true policies of the USA. The conservatives, strangely, had France. France, Luxembourg, and Israel put up a fight against the resolution. We lost, but the organizers and monitors could not believe the three of us could hold our own.

I then went over to the economic committee, and they were arguing about the Law of the Sea treaty. Now, Luxembourg honestly has no real pony in the fight since it is land locked. Yet, here I was again, this time with the United States on the right side of the issue along with France once again, fighting against the treaty. The guys playing Australia were the only folks to try and call me out as being land locked, but I pointed out because I have to import so much to Luxembourg since it has no port, I am hit by both land and sea shipping charges. This is why Luxembourg needed to be involved, as their decision affects my standard of living. That woke up some others who were playing sea port sparse countries and that resolution was defeated.

In 1988-1989, due to my grades, I was forced to take a year off before transferring from Lincoln to Omaha. During this time, I worked on roads with my dad, who owned Dugdale and Associates road construction firm. Because of this, I was not very active in politics. However, this is the ‘Time of the RINO’, as I called it, as the RINO mentality took over the state party. Candidates were getting less and less conservative. This culminated in 1990 when bad party backing, combined with a western Nebraska blizzard, allowed Ben Nelson to become governor over Kay Orr. In addition, Peter Hoagland had become entrenched as Omaha’s congressman. 

1994 was the lowest point for the Republican party in Nebraska. Ben Nelson beat Gene Spence, who collapsed in his campaign and started charging the party with conspiring with Nelson against him. Nebraska had Exon and Kerrey as its Senators. However, a light was at the end of the bleak tunnel. Jon Christiansen became the next candidate I actively began to campaign for during the primary and general election. He beat three term Congressman Peter Hoagland in a very dirty and bloody campaign. A true conservative who bucked the party to win in spite of them, he started the trend towards true conservatism in the state party along with new chairman Chuck Siegerson.

Jon was relected in 1996. That year, to replace Exon, Ben Nelson ran for Senate. He would face one of two people, Don Stenberg the attorney general, or businessman Chuck Hagel. Both myself and my dad joined the Hagel campaign, dad working quite a few hours in Hagel’s office. Hagel won, despite pranks by Nelson’s backers like supergluing toothpicks into the campaign headquarters door locks on election day morning.

I kept up with thing, getting more politically active. At this point, I had also embraced my destiny in the field of computer server management. In 1998, I finally graduated, taking my time as I had a job that required me to remain a student. Also in 1998, I first met the Lincoln mayor Mike Johanns. I joined the Omaha Johanns campaign, headed up by Sheila Heieck. This despite running against Jon Christensen. Christensen would have won, but at the last moment put out an negative ad against the surging Johanns on abortion, which turned out to be a half-truth. This backfired so badly, Jon never again ran for office in the state. But he had saved the state Republicans from being a Democratic stronghold.

In 1999, I started working for Immigration and Naturalization’s processing center in Lincoln. This woke me up to just how bad the Federal bureaucracy really was. It was horrible, and of course I later discovered the 9/11 bombers papers had been processed through that center. I can see why they were passed over and rubber stamped. It was a paperwork nightmare, along with agents who never were at their desks. Our backup files being sent to Texas were the only ones from the four service centers which were accurate. My ‘boss’, who really wasn’t except in pay grade, messed up and lost the entire email system at one point. 

I left there in October, taking a job with Leo Daly architecture to deal with Y2k. When Y2k became a bust, I was let go shortly after as I had asked for a transfer away from my boss, who was an idiot when it came to the internet.

I was hired in June by Douglas County to do tech work. In 2001, a former co-worker hacked the election commission’s website two weeks before the primary election. I asked to look at it, since no one else had web experience, and I was able to reverse the hack easily in a perl script. At that point, I became the web server administrator. They hired a webmaster for my boss, who now works for the Defense department I believe. From there, I was assigned to post election results. This gave me close access to the website, the process used for collecting votes, and such. It also killed any further chance of helping campaigns besides lip service, as I had too much insider knowledge.

Eventually, Election Systems and Software took over election result posting, with a contract with the state of Nebraska. I was then free to start helping campaigns again. I started blogging at that point, but I never really helped too many campaigns as a full volunteer. During this time, I had predicted George W Bush winning the primary and becoming president. I helped some with various campaigns, but not for very long, and not consistently.

I did help the McCain/Palin campaign against Obama, and blogged constantly about him. I then joined the DontGo movement, when Congress adjoured without dealing with offshore drilling. Through that, I met a lot of folks like Eric Odom and Ken Marrero. Eric asked me to become part of News Platoon as its Northwest coordinator. Though I tried hard, I could not manage the success seen by Marerro, Odom, or others like Christopher Arndt, Andrew Kreschmar, Julie Johnson and others in the organization. This was due to that shyness effect I mentioned above. 

Obama was elected, and I was angry. No one seemed to see him like I did, a full blown Communist. He had fooled enough people to get elected. At the end of November, I started this blog after transferring all my old information over. This is when I made the connection between Plato, Mussolini, and Obama that dominated my writing at that point.

In February 2009, Eric Odom contacted me about joining up to start the Tea Party Movement. I was not on the first conference call, but I was on the second and decided to start the Omaha Tea Party. I had four days to put it together, and a forecast of snow. By the time I was done, I had 40 people at that rally. I had Ben Nelson’s opponent, Pete Ricketts as my speaker. Yes, this is the brother to the owner of the Chicago Cubs. I had news media attention, though they focused on Ricketts being there. I did this solo. Some people helped with signs and the like, but the majority was done by me. Sheila Heieck showed up to support me. 

A movement was born.

After this, I was contacted by Dawn Klein, who was organizing our 9:12 Movement. That group was far more organized, and I was getting swamped with many things. So, I handed off control of the "Omaha Tea Party" (as much as I could claim it), to her group. By the time April 15th happened, they had about 1,000 folks in front of the city-county building. I wanted to do it at Omaha’s pedestrian bridge, which is named after the liberal Bob Kerrey, to make a point about government waste. In the time between I handed it off to the event, I realized in many ways I made a mistake. That became evident when, like Lincoln, we started having two competing tea party events.

I discovered a lot more dissent behind the scenes, and not just in my region. It depressed me, and I withdrew from the scene quietly. I’ve been told my presence has been missed. 

Last year, I was contacted by some individuals and I thought things were going to turn around. However, those folks flittered away and nothing ever came of it.

Then, in March of this year, I had finally gotten disgusted at sitting on the sidelines for so long. I could not participate in the Mayor recall attempt, as since I’m technically a city worker, it may be seen as a conflict of interest. The narrow loss on the recall got me mad. I wanted to do something, so when I got an invitation from Iowa to come to a ‘meet the candidate’ forum, I went. While there, I shook hands with someone I could believe in once again, just like I had chosen Kay Orr, Jon Christensen, and Mike Johanns long before. That man was none other than Herman Cain.

I’d known of Cain for many years. Godfather’s Pizza is based in Omaha, and Herman Cain was a prominent businessman here at the time, second only to Warren Buffett. He had moved to Chicago to be the head of the Restaurant Association, where my best friend in college worked for him. I also knew he was involved with the Tea Party down in Atlanta, and hosted the talk show. While listening to him, I saw why he was so successful. He is inspiring. 

At that meeting, I also met with some folks who I knew from the party and the Tea Party. Everyone was glad to see me that knew me or knew of me. That is when I talked to certain individuals and decided, right then, I’m going to do more to get rid of the stains on our souls called Barack Obama and Ben Nelson. I’d not stopped blogging, though I haven’t been consistent in my posts. I’m pushing forward now, though, to get more notice.

Look out, Leftists, I’m back in the game.



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