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Upvoted: A memo to all Knights fans, especially new hockey fans. via /r/goldenknights

Here is a list of Hockey websites/ resources

Some things to understand.

  1. This team will likely not be good for a few years. The Knights have the potential to be a bubble team but that’s due in part to being in a shitty division and a western conference that has gotten worse over the past 4 years. With that said do not expect success to come swiftly.

  2. 50-60% of the players on the current roster will probably be gone by next summer. If you are hoping to latch onto a long-term player for a jersey then you are rolling the dice. The only player I can see as untouchable is Fleury and maybe Theodore. Expect anyone else to either leave via free agency or be traded yes even James Neal or Nate Schmidt (though I personally think both will be around for at least a little while.)

  3. The team unfortunately fucked up with their handling of the expansion draft. Too many NHL caliber players were taken and not traded and as such created an oversaturated market. GMGM did shed some space with trading Schlemko, Methot and others but unfortunately, the price was very low. This isn’t to say it is GMGMs fault as there is no way of predicting how the rest of the NHL would act after the expansion.

  4. Because the expansion draft and subsequent trading did not gone the way Vegas planned along with some of their recent actions (acquiring a third goaltender) expect the team to tank hard this season, though I feel they have a chance to be a bubble team.

  5. Most importantly, be passionate but not an asshole. Be loud but not demeaning. Shit talking other fanbases is fine up to a point. The one thing I hope the Knights are able to become is a team that the majority of NHL fans can appreciate like the Predators or Sharks. I believe part of this is due to their fanbases.

  6. A lot of things at the game are still rough around the edges (like the in-game announcer and the in-game entertainment hosts) but should get better with time. As such fans need to also contribute, especially when it comes to chants.

  7. Learn more about the game, play hockey if you can, get your friends, family, coworkers interested in hockey. As someone born and raised in Reno, NV it was very disappointing as a kid not being able to play the game I grew up loving. As I recently moved to Vegas over a month ago it’s been a childhood experience come true playing ball hockey on weekends and knowing NHL hockey is in my home state.

Go Knights

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