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Upvoted: Did my first IRL stream & it totally changed my perspective on it via /r/Twitch

I stream in Creative on a fixed schedule, weekdays only (I have a family so it's easier to stream when everyone else is at work and school). Yesterday some of my viewers in my Discord were complaining that they were bored and none of their favorite streamers were on and come on, stream for us!

So I decided okay, let's do it. I stayed in my pajamas, said fuck the makeup, grabbed some coffee, and streamed in IRL. I have a hummingbird camera and kept that up most of the time where my art cam usually is. We listened to music, squee'd over the hummingbird visits, and I got a ton of stream stuff done that I'd been putting off – tweaking alerts, fixing my broken bot, making gifs, re-doing scenes, etc., all while getting ideas and feedback from chat.

I had easily as many viewers (~35-40) as I do during my art streams and it was awesome to just hang out with my community without as much "performance pressure." All in all it was totally worth it. Got a ton of stuff done and much fun was had.

If you haven't done an IRL stream, I highly recommend it for some downtime with your viewers. I've been kind of skeptical about IRL because of some of the, er, skankiness that can happen there but now I see how great it can be for you and your viewers. A+++ would IRL again!

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