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Upvoted: [I want a new country] Crazy feminist sneaks into mans bedroom and attempts to breastfeed his baby. Then writes about it for CNN via /r/KotakuInAction

So I thought you all might need a good face palm. So to give a little context this article is recent but the incident happened in 2003 during the Conservative Party of Canada's leadership race. Now the politics have nothing to do with the piece, beyond that this was a campaign function at Michael Chongs home as he was a candidate. This woman is columnist and freelancer that writes for the globe and mail and was/is a freelance writer published in respected publications. To clarify a freelancer, snuck into mans bedroom and tried to breastfeed his baby, and then goes on you write about in a top mainstream paper.


Edit : she wrote for globe and mail not CNN.

Edit 2:

So I just did a little digging. Chong actually confirmed the incident over email

But what she did lie about was her age. In 2003-2004 the Progressive Conservative party merged with the Canadian alliance party. Chong had joined the Progressive Conservatives in the late 80s Now McLaren turned 25 in 2000. But at the time there was no leadership race in the progressive conservative party in 2000 nor was Chong involved in Parliament at the time. Chong didn't get involved until 2003 when he made a made a bid for a riding and the new conservative party leadership. What she has lied about is her age. She was likely 28 at the time of the incident depending on the date.

Edit 3: cleaned up

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