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Upvoted: Austin Aries: “I’m looking forward to this Saturday in Philadelphia. It’s House of Hardcore’s first night on Twitch. Tommy’s giving me a hot microphone and letting me speak from the heart and say what I want. I’m looking forward to that opportunity.” via /r/SquaredCircle

You can listen to the full interview HERE.

The quote in the title is in regards to wrestling at House of Hardcore in Philadelphia this weekend. (Debuting LIVE on Twitch) Here's the full excerpt:

"I have the utmost respect for Tommy. I've said he's one of the few guys left in the industry whose word actually has some value. And that means a lot, especially concerning all the positions he's held over the years. He cares about the wrestling fans, he cares about the wrestlers, he cares about the industry. That's important. From day one when he started this venture, I told him if I was available, I wanted to be a part of it. And he expressed the same back. I appreciate that he sees the value I bring to a promotion. He's gonna allow me to go out there and be who I am and let me go out there and perform from my heart with my passion and not put roadblocks in front of me, not tell me who I should or shouldn't be. I'm looking forward to this Saturday in The Arena in Philadelphia which has so much history to it. It's our first night on Twitch. It's free, you can watch it live. He's giving me a hot microphone and basically saying, "Hey, speak from the heart and say what you want." I'm looking forward to that opportunity."

Also, be sure to check out Austin's brand new book Food Fight: My Plant-Powered Journey from the Bingo Halls to the Big Time HERE.

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