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Upvoted: [Discussion] A Friendly Reminder that the current thread of “Europe can teach America about free speech and fighting fake news” narrative is the latest in a long line of Euro-virtue signalling. via /r/KotakuInAction

One more post for tonight. So on to the chase.

Now some here may have already seen that recent "What Europe Can Teach America About Free Speech" from The Atlantic or the even more recent "How Europe Is Fighting Back Against Fake News" from the Hollywood Reporter, among others. Articles extolling how Europe (or rather, certain countries there and what the media and their allies are passing off as Europe) has much to offer in teaching America (and by proxy, the rest of the civilized world) about free speech and "fighting fake news," and thus how the "European Way" is totally the Right Side of History.TM

If that seems vaguely familiar, it is. About a month ago, I made a post on how European virtue signalling narratives in the 1990s-2000s foreshadowed the state of mainstream media today. And what's said in that thread seems much more poignant now:

By that point though, patriotism and nationalism were seemingly "purged" from acceptable discourse, as far as European ideologues, activists and media men at large were concerned (to say nothing of Eurocrats or certain government and NGO elements). Yet as anathema as they were, such folks saw an opportunity to exploit that same posturing to promote more "progressive," if increasingly vague, fuzzy and authoritarian values in order to highlight how "enlightened" and "mature" European culture is compared to the supposed prudes, rednecks and reactionary bigots of America.

So what the hell does that have to do with mainstream media now? Perhaps, quite a bit. For such virtue signalling has at once served as a hubristic rationale for censorship, narrative control and doubling-down on those very "enlightened" policies. While making it easier for both European and American media alike to label any criticism as being problematic. Or as highlighted in the G20 riots, justify increasingly flagrant if not unethical antics.

It's no surprise then that the media and their allies, enablers, backers, etc. are doing their best to push this Euro-virtue signalling as hard as they could. Never mind that the smug posturing and moral superiority being presented is from a melange of Eurocrat, technocratic, SocJus and Regressive Left narratives of Europe rather than actual European countries. Or that the same narrative-spinning is being targeted at dissenting European countries, whether it's against Eastern Europe, the Russians or still-sane bastions like Switzerland. Or in cases like in Germany or France, said Euro-virtue signalling and such are being used against their own citizens for wrongthink or even expressing sentiments, opinions, etc. that don't conform to the monolithic "European Way" being cultivated.

But even more telling is how hollow and blatant it's become. As it doesn't take an American to recognize that even for all its flaws, the US by far has far better standards for freedoms than the "European Way" being pushed as the "solution." Or how justifying authoritarian censorship or Orwellian policies are non-negotiable especially for a culture all too tired of being belittled despite also being Western.

They're not really fooling anyone but themselves, even it is causes even more hardship in Europe in the process.

But those are just my perhaps scattered thoughts on it. Have at it, KiA!

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