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To Charities-I Am Sorry

Dear Charities I have supported over the years, including Wounded Warriors, March of Dimes, Salvation Army, etc.,

I had hoped to not have to write this message, but the American people have spoken.

I can no longer support your charitable work.

See, the American people have decided to allocate my money to what they think is important. They did this by voting back in Barack Obama’s institute of charity. This institute, of course, is taking money from me and thinking they can do better with it than I can. When the Bush tax cuts expire in January, I will lose about another $1,200 in taxes. No, I’m not one of the 1%. Far from it, making less on average than someone with my career should be. Though Obama may claim to not be increasing my taxes, the only way his method to reform the economy will work will require him to do so. In his mind, Obama is rescinding a tax cut and not increasing my taxes. The net effect is the same.

Because more of my money will be going to what Obama considers a charity, which only enriches his supporters and has not shown to help those who really need the help. But, that was America’s choice. They voted for this over a man who regularly gave more than his religion even asked for charity, who has done great works for people on his own.

I’ve worked on a few video game marathons over the past couple of years for good causes. I may try and continue to do so, but the last marathon I participated in just before the election saw me donating quite a bit for someone in my economic condition. I can no longer donate that kind of money with so much of my money now to be spent freely for charity not under my direction.

So, I apologize for this situation. I know I will not be the only citizen who will feel the pinch by government very shortly. It will only get worse in 2014, with all the hidden taxes within the Affordable Care act. I have to cut back, and the first thing to be cut will be charitable contributions.


David West

The Real Extremist on Abortion – Obama

Barack Obama’s position on abortion is far outside even those who support the practice. Obama voted four times to not protect those children alive after a botched abortion. Susan B Anthony list has come out with an advertisement to be run in Missouri over this issue, but this needs to be trumpeted throughout the country to focus the debate.

Barack Obama, and the parasites called Progressives who support him, are engaged on a #WarOnKids. Killing off children through eugenics, saddling our children and grandchildren with so much debt to make them slaves of Chinese masters, and indoctrinating our children with lies about history to make them mindless cult followers all show the evil behind this campaign. For our children, we must stop Obama and his sycophants.

Has Obama Committed Fraud?

First thing most people will assume with that headline is I am going to talk about the birth certificate.


The Arizona election official who said he could potentially remove Obama’s name from the ballot in that state is now satisfied the birth certificate he received from Hawaii was legitimate. To me, this is yet another nail in the coffin to the story, one not very relevant in the course of things as I have blogged previously. Getting rid of Obama is nice, but getting rid of all of the socialists embedded in the government is far more important.


Why would Barack Obama still want all of his records hidden, especially something which should be so innocent as his course work at Harvard? What more is he hiding is the question in most people’s mind. Again, the birther group goes after one piece of evidence, but I think the smoking gun hides in Obama’s educational records. If we know about a bullying incident 50 years ago by Mitt Romney, how come we know nothing about Barack Obama’s high school and university records?

Because the mainstream media keeps blocking this story from coming out, and insist to see Obama’s school record, blogger Brooks Bayne and a number of others have offered $20,000 to anyone who can produce the records we want to see.

What follows is a bit of speculation of my part, I admit. Without those transcripts, I cannot get the dots to connect but could very well be one reason why those transcripts are hidden from view.

I believe the reason Obama hid his birth certificate, why he hides his university and high school records, is he perpetuated fraud getting admitted into Harvard on an international student scholarship. I do believe Obama was born in Hawaii, but as has been shown in other sources, has been disingenous about his nationality when it comes to education.

First, examine his time as a grade school student in Indonesia. To get into the school he was in, he had to be a Muslim. Obama has been deliberately vague on this. The only school record to have come out of any sort has his religion listed as Muslim. If he was a Muslim at the time, then changed into the Christian Obama and his supporters claim he is, then he is an apostate and subject to the death penalty. If he wasn’t Muslim in the first place, then he was in the grade school fraudulently.

Moving onto Harvard, it has been reported by numerous sources Obama was bankrolled by a Saudi Prince with controversial ties. But, how did that bankroll occur? Payments and scholarships would be listed in transcripts and education records. Newspaper reports which have been discovered by the Breitbart and WND teams have shown references to Obama being a native of Kenya. Could it be Obama was on a foreign exchange scholarship sponsored by the Saudi Prince meant for a radical Muslim student? This despite being born in the United States, thus not being eligible; or not being Muslim and thus ineligible on that basis. This is fraud, pure and simple. If Obama is eligible for these things, we are back to the other two issues: Birth Certificate and whether he is really Muslim.

The only way we are going to know this is by examining his college records. Add to this we do not even know what sort of grades Obama received, whether he was graded on a curve due to his minority status, or what types of courses he took while in class. We don’t know if he ended up skipping classes and getting poor grades, like I did (I was bored). We don’t even know any of the people he hung around with while at school.

It is all a mystery the media refuses to investigate.

The pressure is building, however. The media is not going to be able to ignore these questions much longer.

Please go to and chip in for the bounty for the transcripts. Let’s keep on the pressure on Obama, the man who claimed he would make his administration the most transparent in history. Make your records as transparent as you claim to be, Obama.

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