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Hey guys, I feel i need to get this off my chest.

I'd like to preface this by saying I'm a happily married man with three fantastic kids.

I'm also on the autistic spectrum, I have crippling anxieties and suffer with depression.

Whilst I love my wife and kids with all my heart, and I'm generally quite happy, I also spent the last few years feeling empty and hollow. When coupled with depression, that can often lead to a sad outcome.

I spent my teens wanting to get into D&D but having always struggled with making friends, I found it impossible to bring myself to find a group.

Fast forward to last year my want for D&D was still there, I discovered Matt's channel and really enjoyed his content. However, I kept having serious suicidal thoughts through the year, going as far as penning a note one evening. It was also sheer coincidence that my local game shop had a learn to play D&D evening.

I figured what have I got to lose and wandered in. To my surprise the group I found myself in were extremely warm hearted and accepting of my conditions. I had started to feel something that I hadn't felt in years. I felt like I belonged. My character has also helped my to understand myself.

Over a year later I'm now in three regular groups. In three groups with people I now consider close friends. It has also improved my quality of life at home. I'm no longer suicidal, my wife and I have a strengthened connection and my eldest son is showing a real interest in D&D too.

This evening I also found myself having enough confidence to start running my own campaign for 7 close friends.

So Matt, if by chance you're reading this, I owe you my heartfelt thanks. Your passion for the game and your videos helped encourage me and gave me the confidence to start playing. It's given me a new outlook on life and I've never been happier. My life has never been better.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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