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Upvoted: [ETHICS] Gizmodo: “Smash Mouth Retweeted an Anime Porn Nazi” (a.k.a. Shädman) via /r/KotakuInAction

Okay, let's try this again. (Thanks for nothing, /u/pinkerbelle.)

Gizmodo hack Bryan Menegus decided to publish an article causing trouble for Shädman and Smash Mouth after the latter retweeted one of his drawings:

Original Article:

Retweeted Tweet:

So, why does this qualify as Journalism Ethics: +2? Well, let's see now:

First, we have false information given in the article by Menegus, such as:

  • Shädman being described as an "Anime Porn Nazi". (Yes, he has a lot of weird stuff on his website, but I'm pretty sure he's doesn't subscribe to Hitler's politics.)
  • Referring to him as "one of the alt-right's favorite artists".
  • Stating that his real name was "Marshall Shadders". (No, it's actually "Shaddai Prejean", something which isn't difficult to find if you invest five minutes in a Google search.)
  • Amending the former statement to read "Marshall Shadders as it’s listed on his YouTube page, though likely not his real name" without specifically mentioning the correction in the update.
  • Stating that he drew "Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein as naked children smoking weed" in reference to this drawing (no nudity, but still NSFW) which isn't true. (Yes, there's nude drawings in questions of one of the characters separately, but not in the image being referred to.)
  • Making a ridiculous moralizing statement about the forced deletion of the tweet in an update ("Smash Mouth have deleted the retweet. None of us are beyond redemption.").

Second, as /u/LivebeefTwit pointed out in a question directed at our old friend Lynn Walsh about all this:

Question for you @lwalsh – is it improper or otherwise unethical for a journalist to impose his morality on others?

The problem here is that while Smash Mouth tried to use humor to diffuse the situation, Menegus seemed determined to impose his morality on them and didn't relent until he succeeded.

The artist himself seems to be having fun with it, though:

Shädman's art isn't really my thing, but this is just bad journalism. Any thoughts on this?

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