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Upvoted: [SocJus] Wonder Woman is going to be the next big SJW cause celebre. As a long-time fan, I do not want a character I love to be a fault-line in a culture war. Here is my analysis (long) via /r/KotakuInAction

So, kudos to you if you've managed to read past the thread title.

I am a very long time fan of Wonder Woman in the comics. I thought the Greg Rucka run was great, and I thought the Azzerrelo/Chiang run was the best thing (and pretty much the only good thing) about DC's new 52 (the initiative that was so awful and un-popular, DC had to bring in Dr. Manhattan to take the heat for it). It did give us one of the very best WW of all-time, though. I'm also a fan of WW in the Timm-Dini verse Justice League cartoons (which I adore) and I used to watch the old Lynda Carter show when I was young, but haven't seen an episode in many years.

So, yesterday, at 7 PM EST, DC lifted the embargo on critics from posting their reactions to the movie (no "reviews" as of yet are allowed) on social media. /r/DC_Cinematic did a good job of collecting the various reactions: (archive of the thread, be kind, don't brigade other people's subs)

Two things jump out about this:

1) all the reactions are (for the most part) universally positive, and

2) all the reactionaries are, for the most part, heavy SJWs and advocate for SJW goals in media (look at some of the twitter bio pics, obvious SJW/hipster vibe).

I haven't done a correlation, but, I'd be willing to bet dollars to donuts that most of these same people had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to Paul Feig's Ghostbusters. Its ideological group-think, that doesn't mean their reactions don't have merit, just take them with a grain of salt.

Here's a video that I found from John Campea on why WW must succeed:

Its cringe inducing with SJW talking points ("we need more women directors and women superheroes, come on people, its $CURRENT_YEAR", strangely, I'm the child of immigrants from India. There are no Superheroes who look like me, when I was young, Hadji on Johnny Quest was about all I had, but I fell in love with comics anyway). Let me recount his five points so that you don't have to watch the video:

  1. Start the recovery from 3 divisive films (Note: SS was only divisive with critics, fans seemed to like it and it did fine at the box. I admit, it could have been better, but I found it enjoyable enough. That's my opinion and you don't have to share it.)

  2. Open the door for more female directed films (because its $CURRENT_YEAR)

  3. For Justice League (fair enough, he's right that momentum is important, but I think JL will be an improvement mostly because this film seems to have what its Synder led predecessors lacked: plot focus. I think the "3 motherboxes" plot will help to keep the move focused and prevent it trying to do too much)

  4. For female Superhero Movies (never mind that 95%+ of the comic book readership is male, and that superheroes are, at their basis, male wish fulfillment tales)

  5. Health of the Comic Book Genre (this one I totally agree with. Comics have always been strongest when both Marvel and DC are strong. Image and all the small press publishers might whine about Marvel and DC, but image sales are highest when Marvel and DC are both doing well.)

So, I've indicated I'm very much sympathetic to this film. I want to like it, because I like the character an awful lot and I feel like she's earned her own movie (i.e., WW is as OG as it gets in comics, she's done her time and been successful enough to warrant a feature film), however, I can already see the "Ghostbuster-esque" SJW crowing coming for this, especially if the movie is really good (unlike Ghostbusters) and does well among the public and the box office. SJWs tend to learn the wrong lesson from their experiences, or, more accurately, they tend to learn the lesson that they want to learn from their experiences. When Ghostbusters failed, it was because internet misogynists sunk the film and it was evidence of oppression. If WW succeeds, I can see "that's only because she's thin, attractive and fat-phobic" from tumblr (which has already started with the protein world ad) and "that's only because society struck back against Donald Trump and misogyny. We've finally reached the turning point in the culture wars" from all the SJWs on youtube and the internet. I'm cautiously optimistic about this movie, but I don't want one of my favorite comic book characters to be a flash-point in another great meme war.

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