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Upvoted: Bill Nye, hypocrisy and crazy pills via /r/Libertarian

Part of what pushed me towards libertarianism over the years is the gross and never ending hypocrisy that is vomited from both major political parties on a daily basis. There are tons of examples but I'll give you one that set me off this morning.

Recently, the "right" has been shitting their pants over their freedom of speech being trampled, and rightly so. Yet, right now, over on /r/The_Douche, they are screaming and gathering pitchforks over Bill Nye's show on Netflix and would subsequently like it to be cancelled because it offends them. Wtf? Can they not see the hypocrisy there?

Don't answer that. I already know the answer but holy shit – it blows me away every time to see that kind of blatant and retarded assbackwards logic in motion.

And there are countless examples of this kind of thing and on both sides. If it's not pepe the "hate symbol" frog, it's Wendy (the burger chain girl who is now a "Nazi" symbol), or Snoop Dogg or some guy's painting and on and on and fucking on…

Yes, I realize that /r/The_DipShit is not a great model for "rational people," however, that crowd seems to synthesize "the right" at large. There are just as many people on the "left" who see no problem with punching people they disagree with. What the fuck is wrong with all these people and why are they so stupid?

Why is it that so few people stay principled when it comes to things like freedom of speech? This is more of a rhetorical question as I'm a big believer in George Carlin's take on stupid people. Yet, I swear it seems like I'm taking crazy pills on a daily basis now and wish I had a dollar for every time I catch myself saying: people have lost their fucking minds.


Edit: I know I'm gonna get downvoted by /r/The_Dildo's brigade on this sub, but seriously, take a look in the mirror once in a while and try to understand how asinine you look frothing at the mouth for "muh freedom" one minute and then wielding digital pitchforks the next when something offends your delicate sensibilities.

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