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Upvoted: Antonio Brown via /r/steelers

Antonio Brown should be a Pittsburgh Steeler for life. Period. End of story. The man has been one of the top WRs in the league for years straight now. He has been hugely under paid during this period. The main issues we have dealt with surrounding this man are unsportsmanlike penalties (whoopdie doo) and an issue with live streaming Tomlin shit talking the Patriots.

Besides that he has been one of the classiest, most athletic players I have had the pleasure to witness in a Steeler uniform.

Yet, I see people hating on this man. I see people calling to trade this man. I see people saying Martavis can replace this man.


I get that any year we don't win the Superbowl you guys freak out and act like we need to clean house in order to have any chance to win, but we were DAMN CLOSE this year.

Damn close without LeVeon Bell against the Patriots. Damn close without Martavis Bryant against the Patriots. Damn close without Cameron Heyward against the Patriots.

So everyone needs to chill out and realize the talent we possess. Don't be ignorant and think AB is replaceable. He is not. He is one of a kind. He came in the fucking sixth round and has been one of the most exciting players to watch ever since. We need to reward this man with a long term deal, and I bet he rewards us with one of the best receiving seasons ever next year. Teams this year got used to doubling up on AB. But lets see how well that works when MB is on the other side on a go route one on one.

TLDR: Don't undervalue our players just because we are so used to them and their consistency. We are blessed as fuck to have Antonio Brown on the Steelers.

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Upvoted: Understanding the #MosqueShooting in Quebec from a shit-lord who actually lives in Quebec and understands the culture. via /r/KotakuInAction

Hey Fam,

I notice A LOT of misinformation going around concerning the mosque shooting in Quebec. I can see them claiming that this was somehow related to Trump, and that the shooter was a white nationalist.

I have yet to see any report or story that convinces me that the shooter was a white nationalist HOWEVER, given where we live I suspect that there is much more at play here.

Before we we even examine the shooting itself you need to understand the history and culture of Quebec. I'll do my best to break it down quickly.

about 40 years ago steps are taken to protect french culture in Quebec including language laws that made French the official language of Quebec and outlawing English signage. This was called Bill 101 and it is still enforced today. This was the beginning of government endorsed French Nationalist sentiment. We even have "Language Police" who enforce our language laws. English began to be treated as 2nd class citizens at the institutional level. Essential services would be offered in French only.

In 1980 Quebec had it's first failed referendum to separate from Canada which brought French Nationalism to the forefront. Corporations started moving their head offices out of the province. Violence between French and English erupted frequently. The referendum failed but tension remained.

In 1994 there was a 2nd referendum, the old fires reignited and more companies moved out of the province HOWEVER The federal government made a huge effort to fast track as many immigration applications in Quebec as possible since Immigrants would be more likely to vote against Quebec sovereignty. Tensions rose again, only this time, instead of being directed at the English, it was directed at immigrants. Tensions were also raised when the vote to separate from Canada failed by less than 1%. This immigration boom while not large enough to account or the entire gap, was largely cited in Pro separation French media as a factor.

Laws are put into effect that make it so any child who's first langue is not English must attend french primary and secondary schools. The obvious implication being that immigrants would assimilate to French culture as opposed to English, which was a more popular choice among immigrants at the time.

2013: Charter of values. The Part Quebecois who was in power at the time proposed a bill that would among other things ban religious symbols in government institution. The top story in the news in Quebec is how this would effect Women in head coverings. It would arise in the news again in 2014 when a woman's headscarf became tangled in a subway escalator resulting in fatality.

Nov 2016: Quebec politicians decree the proposal of all Muslim Areas. Press has field day.

I can see the headlines on the front of the papers. I don't normally read the French Papers, but I see the headlines. The Media here is not any different from the media where you guys are. Race baiting is a thing in French media too, only here it's usually from either a liberal or nationalist perspective.

They're saying a lot of things about this guy, "White Supremacist", "Trump Supporter", and I think Fox is saying he's Moroccan, which is retarded.

This is a French guy from the capitol of French Canada, where the highest concentration of the French Nationalist sentiment exists. We're not talking about a small minority of people either, The Parti-Quebecois was in power in 2013.

You need to understand that nationalistic people in Quebec have been trying to liberate themselves from Canada for 40 years.

I am pretty sure that this is mental health issues/buying into all the anti-Muslim division espoused by press and nationalistic sentiment within our provincial government,

They actually got the guy alive, so we're actually going to figure out the Truth sooner or later, but as per usual, the mainstream media has jumped all over this so Americans can attack each other on the internet, instead of even looking into the roots of why this shit happened to begin with.

Looking forward to the discussions

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