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What’s next for 7th Sea?

Hi, I’m Hannah Shaffer! Some of you might know me from my own RPG work. I recently joined the 7th Sea team as director of marketing for John Wick Presents and I’m honored to be part of the 7th Sea renaissance.

I see a lot of questions about what we’re planning for 7th Sea (mostly about adventures…soooo many questions about adventures). Rather than just lurking around the sub, I want to share some of the things I’m working on behind the scenes:

The 7th Sea Explorer’s Society – The Explorer’s Society is a hub where fans can host (and sell) 7th Sea content online. It’s modeled after the DM’s Guild and similar platforms, and hosted by OneBookShelf, the same company that runs DriveThruRPG. The Explorer’s Society is a community resource where anyone can share adventures, house rules, new backgrounds and advantages, new moves and sorceries, monsters, villains, etc.

I’m really excited about this. We’ll be producing some of our own adventures, but you know, it takes a village. The Explorer’s Society is going to be an awesome community resource and I can’t wait to see it go live.

Timeline: Late November launch

The 7th Sea Heroes’ League – The 7th Sea organized play program. Here there be adventures and heroic feats! The heroes’ league is a national organization of GMs dedicated to running 7th Sea games at game stores and cons across the country, and doing good work to boot. The Heroes’ League will be run as a charitable organization, with profits going to local and national organizations chosen by the members.

Lots of details to work out there, so I can’t say too much more about it, but I’m excited about this model for organized play.

Timeline: 1st quarter 2017

Knightly Order of the Rose & Cross – A connected network of 7th Sea larps, in which players take on the roles of Heroes in the various nations across Theah. More info on the website soon!

Timeline: TBA soon

Quickstart and Kickstarter Timelines – The new quickstart is almost complete and nations books are moving along. We posted a timeline on the JWP site yesterday that should address some production schedule questions.

Other Things – My work also involves making sure everything we’re doing at JWP is up-to-date and easy to find. That includes updating websites and products, keeping the blog active, posting to Twitter and Facebook, and eventually streaming on Twitch. If you can think of resources that are missing from the 7th Sea or JWP site, let me know.

If you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them! And feel free to ping me when questions come up in the future—happy to be summoned.

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With a win from the Baltimore Orioles, the second wild card spot requires 86 wins minimum. The Royals have 77 losses, meaning they can only win 85 at best.

It was fun while it lasted.

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PSA – Co-Streaming TwitchCon 2016

Hey all, just wanted to give a short PSA that you are allowed to "co-stream" any official TwitchCon 2016 content (i.e. any channel names containing 'twitch' or 'twitchcon' on All you need to do is set your "game" to 'TwitchCon 2016,' screencap the live streams, and go! We especially encourage this for the Keynote at 2pm PT on Friday — tons of huge announcements coming that I'm sure everyone will want to weigh in on!

That's all!



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