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Upvoted: With the new news of delaying Valencia, please Daum do not forget this! via /r/blackdesertonline

With the new news of delaying Valencia, please Daum do not forget this!

It seems quite quiet now, but there will be people that complain about this delay. And most companies refrain from giving news of updates until they are about to go live so that any delays won't be heard about within the community.

We, the players, understand delays…we understand the unexpected arises time to time, we are on the same boat as you and want to see a polished patch released everytime. Please just do us one favor and keep us posted on these things, I personally enjoy knowing about a patch weeks in advance so I know what to expect! I understand the outcries you must receive when you have to delay a patch and that may deter you from announcing an update well in advance in the future, but know that the majority of us love the communication you are giving the community…its a breath of fresh air with game companies now.

So please keep up the great work, communicate regularly, and I will see you whenever a non buggy Valencia hits!

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Upvoted: Free Pirate Deadpool Team-up (Video) via /r/marvelheroes

Free Pirate Deadpool Team-up (Video)

Hey all, thanks again for your support guys you're all super for being awesome as you are on all platforms my videos are viewed from.

Before any comments this is a "How-to" on Getting the Free DeadPool Team-Up, I know it's been around for about 8months or so but it's new to me, new to… new players so we're covering it in the series 🙂


As always, legends <3 Al

Submitted May 25, 2016 at 01:26PM by AlexileSentryy
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