David’s Musings for October 22, 2014 at 03:30PM

A little non-politics for a moment.

I keep seeing the Bleacher Report going back and forth on turning Randy Orton face in the WWE. In my opinion, it is too soon, but that changes in six months.

Here is my ideal scenario for the #wwe

Hell in a Cell: because it is the last match on the card, Orton wins over Cena after Ambrose wins vs Rollins.

January Royal Rumble: Orton gets eliminated by Rollins, but ultimate winner is Roman Reigns.

March Wrestlemania: Reigns beats Lesnar after a brutal match. Rollins cashes in Money in the Bank on Reigns while Kane and Orton fend odd Cena and Ambrose trying to sabotage the cash in. As Rollins celebrates, Orton hits him with a RKO.

Night after Wrestlemania: Rollins and the Authority demand an explanation from Orton. Orton comes out and notes he has never been given his rematch from losing to Daniel Bryan.

Face turn complete. from Facebook

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