David’s Musings for October 13, 2014 at 09:24AM

Since my post a week ago, stating fringe groups would try to piggyback on the rulings effectively allowing gay marriage:

The overturning of Utah’s polygamy laws is on appeal after Utah’s Supreme court ruled in favor of the polygamists,

A writer in the New YorkTimes called for making pedophiles a form of disability, and not a crime,

Thursday, a Huffington Post contributor called for the legalization of incest…

Many stories detailed how a number of ‘leaders’ of the gay rights movement just want to get of marriage all together, just like Lenin tried when he took over Russia. Marx wanted marriage destroyed as well.

Someone need to get a lot more vocal and cast out these groups, and it isn’t me. Instead, those like me are attacked for even trying to bring up the issue. Stop burying your head in the sand. Stop attacking the messenger. It makes it a helluva lot harder to defend you when we non-Leftist supporters are getting backstabbed. from Facebook

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