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My (re) Introduction


My name is David West, and I've been a Twitch streamer for four years…always as a part of other channels. I am a published author, activist, former system administrator, and more as well.

This changes today.

Starting at 1 pm eastern to 1 am, I am launching my stream officially. Yes, the first few weeks will be bumpy, but it should be a fun ride.

Name: David "Nebraska Dave" West Stream: http://ift.tt/1GV2hUT Team: GeekBunker Schedule: 8 pm eastern – 10 pm eastern, Sun – Thurs. Schedule subject to change when a job is acquired

Focus: I am a big MMO player in multiple games. For streaming video games, it will focus on these kinds. ESO, SWTOR, DCUO, Secret World are just a few I continue to play.


My plan is to run tabletop RPG games as the gamemaster, using multiple rule sets. I used to run Shadowrun games for FanPro at Origins and GenCon; LARPS of Star Wars, Babylon 5, and other scifi shows; D&D and more for the RPGA, both before the Living campaigns and after.

The first game I plan to run online is Fantasy Flight Games' Edge of the Empire & sequels, the latest Star Wars RPG.

To kickoff my stream, and to celebrate May the Fourth, I will be streaming Star Wars The Old Republic MMO. Like mentioned above, this will be from 1pm eastern for 12 hours.

I hope you stop by and give it a look…and probably watch me fall asleep as I'm typing this at 5:15 am my time!

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Anyone notice that all the hit piece articles on the bomb threat only show white folk in their photos?

Given the galleries I've seen of photos taken by attendees, it does seem like Destructoid et al are going out of their way on that one.

No one's brought it up (because y'all aren't assholes, as far as I've gathered), but for the sake of clarity: I have no personal issue with white folk (hey, some of my best friends… ;-D ), but it looks like some of these publications have a fucking directive to make GG look mono-racial.

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Why watching streams can be good for your mental well being.

While watching one of my fav streams. when all of a sudden a donation came in.
Donations get read on stream and most streamers say thanks and give back the bare minimum to their fans following. This person gave back with his followers the most I have ever seen from playing a specialized room where anyone could join, top donators over 100 get one on one with the streamer who tries to help everyone learn how to play the game, and hopes the people who learn show him a thing or two of what they know, or maybe what he taught them. One donation came in saying how he helped cure their anxiety of playing online versus actual people. This is odd, Kinda reminded me where the old saying would come in" It takes a village to raise a child" In our case it not only helps children overcome this common problem that they werent taught at home, but adults who grew up and never overcame this early in life. I think that streaming will inevitably become more popular in the next 5 years, than alot of t.v. shows if this kind of pschycological help people find talking and interacting with others through this method. Expect this type of thing to blow the fuck up, as people grow older they will find comfort in this, and their children will follow and so fourth. In a life of digital world that we live in this is the type of thing we need as a step back to what this country needs to understand, that we seem to have forgotten. How to grow up and not be mentally as damaged, if we dont get the proper training at an early age. Thats this humble guys opinion, whats yours?

sory bad englando.

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