David’s Musings for August 29, 2014 at 11:17AM

I agree with Doug. This bond issue needs to be rejected by voters in OPS.


Doug Kagan
President at Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom


Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom was the only organization to speak against the gluttonous proposed $421 million OP$ bond issue, the largest in NE history. Several speakers connected to the education establishment also spoke: the teacher union leader, a parent-teacher organization rep, a Latino Center of the Midlands rep, and a few minorities. The teacher union chief insulted taxpayers by saying, “Shame on us.” I responded during my speech by saying, “Shame on him” for criticizing overburdened taxpayers. Board member Matt Scanlan moved to adopt the bond resolution, seconded by board member Yolanda Williams. Voting YES, to raise taxes on OPS residents, were board members Marian Fey, Lou Ann Goding, Lacey Merica, Matt Scanlan, Marque Snow, Katie Underwood, Anthony Vargas, Justin Wayne, and Yolanda Williams.

If voters pass this travesty at the Nov. 4 general election, OPS residents owning a $150,000 home will pay $1,890 in property taxes to only the school district; owners of $200,000 homes will pay $2,520 to OP$. Add these amounts to property taxes levied by the City of Omaha, Douglas County (which will raise property taxes to pay for its bond issue), higher Papio-Mo. River NRD taxes, higher MUD rates because of the sewer fee increase, and higher OPPD rates. The OP$ board has voted to wantonly abuse taxpayers living in the OP$ school district. To add insult to injury, this board has the audacity to plan to pass an additional $377 million bond issue in 2017. Fight back! Vote NO on the OP$ bond on Nov. 4. And volunteer to help NTF distribute our flyers in your neighborhood. Email netaxpayers@gmail.com today! from Facebook

David’s Musings for August 25, 2014 at 10:56AM

Paul and Cruz need to decide after November which one of them is going to run, and which one is going to steer the Senate. Both need to look at the same person for vice president – Ben Carson. Both need to look at the same person for State – John Bolton.

Depending on what happens, Perry’s back on my radar, but I’m still worried about his education policies visit a his common core.

I will not vote for anyone who does not understand its the economy, stupid. I will not vote for a Bush, a Romney, or clones thereof like Christie. from Facebook

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