We Are Back

I guess it takes a major change in the world to wake me up.

In this case, I remember back to 2004. I started For God and Liberty as a website to combat the lies being spread by the Democratic candidate for president at the time, John Kerry. I expressed my political distaste for the man and his policies, because I did not have an outlet to do so.

Skip forward to 2021. Classical liberal voices such as my own are being shoved out of the social media sites around the country. It means resorting to foreign housed operations to be able to speak your mind. The alternative? Put up a website.

So, here we are. We are back due to necessity. Today, January 20, 2021, what was once the land of the free is in serious trouble. Electing Maoists, I predict, will plunge this country into a depression as bad, if not worse, than October 29, 1929. The fact the election was questionable, at best, concerning the candidates involved will translate into the populace no longer trusting any election. The idiots now in charge will be replaced by more idiots who are just as corrupt, because their operatives have manipulated election results or people just won’t vote as they see it as futile.

I expect at some point, this site will be targeted. Truth is hard for people, especially Maoist and Stalinists, to stomach. I’ll be called names, called a racist (despite being married to a lovely Asian woman), and more.

Try to stay sane in this world, folks. It’s going to be crazy for at least four years.